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Mention is a collaborative platform:  If you are an admin, you can invite new team members to join you directly from your account’s settings under the Team tab. The limit to how many team members you can invite in total will depend on your subscription. It’s beneficial to have separate logins even if you are sharing alerts, in order to allow each user to customize their own email notifications, for example.

To add a new team member, here are the steps to follow : 

  1. Click on the arrow next to your profile picture (top-right corner of your screen) and settings
  2. Click on Team
  3. Click on "Add member"
  1. Insert name, email address, and choose a profile (Admin, User, Guest) 
  2. Give your new user visibility on the alert you want to share 
  3. Give your new user the right to use (or not) social media accounts (for Admin and User Only). 

Mention has 3 different types of team member statuses:

  • Admin: Full access and billing
  • User: Edit access
  • Guest: Read only access

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