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Roles in your Team Subscription
Roles in your Team Subscription

Review the access and permissions each role has within your account

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If you are on a Mention Pro or ProPlus subscription, you will have the ability to set roles for the users on your account. These roles will allow you to manage the access that users have within the platform.

In this article, we will go over the 3 main roles that are available in your subscription and also go over Team Owners:

👉 If you are on the Mention Company plan, you can head over to this article regarding team management: Team Roles in Workspaces

★ Administrator

The Admins on your subscription have full access to the entire platform and they can manage the billing for your subscription. On top of this, Admins control access to all of the users and can modify their roles at any time.

With regards to this role, we recommend assigning the role to any supervisors or finance officers that are added to Mention. Here is a list of the permissions for this role:

  • Full access to the entire platform including Mention Alerts, Publish, Reports, and more.

  • Can add or delete people from the subscription and edit their roles.

  • Can access the Subscription page which allows the admin to modify billing information, add new cards, and access invoices. To learn more, head here.

  • Can access the Quota page which allows the admin to view data consumption on the account and access all alerts created by any team member. To learn more, head here.

👉 If you would like to learn more about adding new users, editing their roles, or deleting users, please head here: Manage Team Members

★ User

Users have general access to the features included in your subscription. These team members can freely navigate the platform and access features that they are shared on. Users cannot manage other team members on the account and they cannot access any Subscription or Quota information.

We recommend assigning most of your team members as Users if they are consistently logging in to access the Mention features. This is the best option if your team members do not require the need to access administrative areas like billing or team management.

Here is the list of permissions for their role:

  • General access to the monitoring features within Mention with the ability to create, edit, share, and delete alerts.

  • General access to the social media management features within Mention with the ability to schedule and modify social media posts as well as reply to direct messages.

  • General access to the analytic features within Mention with the ability to generate and delete reports as well as access the influencer dashboards.

User Limitations:

  • Cannot manage team members or change their role within the subscription.

  • Cannot access billing information or quota information.

  • Can only view data and content that is shared to them such as alerts, reports, and social media accounts.

★ Guest

The final role for the Pro and ProPlus subscriptions are the Guests. Guests have read-only access to Mention and they cannot modify any features within their account.

You should assign this role to users that will not be interacting with the platform and just want to review the data that Mention is fetching.

Here are the permissions for these accounts:

  • Read-only access to alerts that they are shared on.

  • Read-only access to reports that they are shared on.

Guest Limitations:

  • Cannot access SMM features within Mention such as Publish or Respond.

  • Cannot access billing information or quota information.

  • Cannot connect any social accounts or integrations to Mention.

Team Owners in Mention

Mention subscriptions also have a designated Team Owner as well. The Team Owner is typically the first user to create the subscription and the one who made the first payment on the Account.

The Team Owner can have any role on the Account and their role can be changed at any time. This means that a user can be an Admin, User, or Guest and also a Team Owner.

❗️Please note that Team Owners cannot be deleted from the subscription by Administrators. If there is a user that you cannot delete on the Mention subscription, it is due to the fact that the user is the Team Owner.

In order to delete these users, a new Team Owner must be assigned to the subscription. Please contact [email protected] and provide the Support team with the name and email address of your new designated Team Owner. The new team owner can be a user who is already on the subscription or a new user you want to add to Mention!

Thank you! If you have any questions regarding roles on your account, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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