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In your Mention Account, you have a fixed quota for specific features such as alerts, connected social accounts, reports, and more. This quota is based on your current Mention subscription plan. In this article, we will present to you the following information:

Plan Quota Consumption & Mentions Quota Consumption

We will begin this article by defining quota for your overall Mention plan and your specific mentions from Alerts. Your Mention account and alerts consume quota in different ways so it is important to understand how they both work.


Plan Consumption

Your Mention plan quota refers to account usage and it impacts you and your team members on the subscription. For your subscription, you will have a fixed number of alerts you can create, users you can add, etc. You have the option of modifying your account at any time to refund this quota usage.

Here are the features that are related to Mention Plan quota:

  • Number of Alerts

  • Number of Social Accounts

  • Number of Users (Pro, Pro+, Company Plans)

  • Number of Reports (Pro, Pro+, Company Plans)

  • Instant Mentions Quota (Company) - instant mentions will not be refunded because they are based on emails sent externally from Mention.

Mention will refund you quota any time you delete an alert, user, social account, or report. For example, let's say you are on the Mention Solo plan and you already have 2 alerts created. If you want to create another alert, simply delete an existing alert!


Mentions Quota Consumption

For your subscription, you have a specific quota of mentions that you can receive every 30 days. This is known as your monthly mentions quota!

Whenever you receive a mention from your alert, it will be deducted from your quota. Unlike your plan consumption, Mention quota cannot be refunded. Once a mention is collected, it will remain in your account (even if you Spam or Trash it). Please note that deleting mentions will not refund this quota.


Now that you understand the difference between Plan Consumption and Mention Quota, we will teach you where to view the quota in your account.

If you are in need for more quota for your account or mentions, please skip to the bottom of this article to find the section on Exceeded Quota.

Review Quota Consumption in your Account

On your account, you can view the different quota consumptions on your Navigation Bar and Quota page. These are the two main areas where quota will be displayed:

  • Navigation Bar: The Navigation Bar will always display mentions quota consumption with a percentage number. If you hover your cursor over the percentage, you will see the number of mentions fetched into your account compared to your total number of mentions quota.

  • Quota Page: The Quota Tab in your Settings page will display plan consumption and mentions consumption with a breakdown of usage. Here, you can determine if you need to upgrade your account to a new plan for more quota!

Mention Tip: The Alerts page will show you a breakdown of mentions received by specific alerts as well. You can use this information to determine if an alert is fetching too much data. Sometimes you may need to edit or pause an alert when too many mentions are coming in! Please note that this information resets every 30 days!

★ Reviewing Quota on a Team Subscription

If you are using Mention with a team, you will need to make sure that you are an Administrator before reviewing quota. If you are a User or Guest on Mention, you will not be able to see quota consumption on the Navigation Bar or access the Quota page in your Settings.

Please request a role change from an Administrator in order to view Quota!


★ Reviewing Quota for Workspaces

Similar to the information above, you will also need to be an Administrator to review Quota consumption for your account. As an Administrator, Mention will show you all of the quota consumed even if you are using multiple Workspaces to separate your alerts, reports, etc. Everything will be shown directly in your Quota or Admin Quota page.

If you are a Page Manager, User, or Guest, you will not be able to access Quota!

Manage Your Quota

It is important to be aware of your quota usage so you can make sure that your account is continuously fetching relevant data. In this section, we will provide some assistance on how to manage the quota for your mentions and your entire plan.


Plan Consumption:

For your Mention account, the best way to refund quota is to delete content, users, and connections on your account. Here is a quick breakdown of what you can do on your account to manage quota:

  • Delete Alerts - delete older alerts that are no longer in use. Please note that deleting alerts will delete the mentions that were fetched as well.

  • Delete Social Accounts - delete social accounts connected to Mention to add new ones if your quota is exceeded.

  • Delete Team Members (Pro, Pro+, Company) - delete any inactive users that are no longer working with your team.

  • Delete Reports (Pro, Pro+, Company) - delete any reports that are no longer reviewed ny teammates. Please note that this is a permanent process and Mention cannot restore the data from Reports.

If you still require more quota after deleting these things, please consider upgrading your subscription to the next tier which will offer more quota! Do not hesitate to contact the Mention Support team for any assistance on account upgrades.


Mentions Quota Consumption

When you login to your Mention account, it is important to review the quota consumption for your mentions to ensure that you are not going to exceed your monthly mentions quota.

If it appears that you might exceed quota on your account, please go to the Alerts tab and look at the breakdown of quota by alert. From there, you will have a list of actions that you can take to manage quota.

If an alert is fetching too much data, we recommend :

  • Pausing the Alert - Mention will not fetch any data for the alert until you un-pause it. Alert pauses will not delete the mentions or data fetched in your account!

  • Editing the Alert - Sometimes the configuration of your search keywords may filter in unwanted noise and consume your quota at a rapid pace. We recommend reviewing the alert configurations to ensure you are monitoring correctly.

  • Adjusting the Mentions Quota - You have the option of allotting a designated amount of mentions quota to an alert. If you feel that an alert might fetch too much data, you can designated a limit within your Account Settings:

  • Deleting the Alert - If you have old alerts that you are no longer reviewing, we recommend deleting them especially if the alert is not paused. Mention will continue to fetch data on all alerts unless they are paused or deleted. Please note that deleting an alert will delete the mentions but quota will not be refunded.

If you are on a Team Subscription and the alert is not shared to you, you will need to access the alert before modifying it. Please head over to this article to learn more: Mention Alert Deletion

Mention Quota Exceeded

If your Mention account exceeds its quota limit, Mention will stop fetching content until your 30 days cycle resets. If you change your subscription to a different plan, your 30 day quota cycle will also reset!

For mention quota exceeded, you have the following options:

  • (Solo, Pro) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or upgrade your plan to a larger quota limit at any time.

  • (ProPlus) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or contact the Mention Support team to discuss an account upgrade to the Company Plan.

  • (Company Plan) - Wait until the 30 day cycle resets or please reach out to your dedicated account manager to discuss quota adjustment.

👉 Need help to set up a structured alert to consume fewer mentions? Read this article!

If you have any questions regarding Mention Quota, do not hesitate to contact [email protected]!

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