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Pause Your Mention Alerts
Pause Your Mention Alerts

Here are the steps to pause your monitoring within your account!

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In your account, you have the option to pause new data from coming in. Pausing alerts are a great way to conserve your Mention quota without having to delete any of your alerts!

Please note, Mention will prevent new data from fetching into your feed while your alerts are paused. Data that was previously fetched will remain in your feed and you can view it any time! You will not fetch new data until the alert is un-paused.

There are three methods to pause or un-pause your alert:

Please be aware: when an alert is paused / un-paused, you must wait 60 seconds before you attempt to utilize the Pause alert section again. If you utilize the section before the 60 seconds, you will run into an error.

Below, we will go over the steps to pause alerts from different areas in your account:

Alert Editing Page

Pausing and un-pausing an individual alert can be done through the alert's Edit page. Here are the steps to conduct this process:

  • Click on Edit next to your alert's name

  • The first page that will open is the Alert settings tab.

  • Please scroll through this tab to find the Pause alert section.

This Pause alert section will allow you to:

  • Check if your alert is active or currently paused

  • Pause / un-pause your alert

Once your alert is paused, Mention will display the orange pause icon on the Feed and an in-app message in your alert to signify that the alert is not monitoring new content:

Alerts Tab in Account Settings

The Alerts tab in your settings page offers the full list of alerts created in your account. Here, you can freely pause or un-pause multiple alerts as you would like! It is great if you want to manage multiple alerts at the same time.

Here are the steps to conduct this process:

  • Go to your Settings

  • Click on the section titled Alerts

  • To pause the alert, please click on the first orange icon in the actions section

If done correctly, your alert's status will change to paused. If you would like to un-pause, simply click on the resume icon in your actions section:

❗If you are on a team subscription with Mention, please contact your admins for alert pauses. The Settings page is only available for admins.

Extra Information Regarding Mention Reports & QuickChart

When an alert is paused, your Mention Reports & QuickChart will provide a disclaimer to notify you and your colleagues when an alert was paused.

If you have any trouble pausing an Alert, reach out to [email protected] and we will make sure to help!

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