Within your Mention alerts, you have the option to pause new data from coming in. Pausing alerts are a great way to conserve your Mention quota without having to delete your alerts! Mention will prevent new data from fetching into your feed, but will still allow you to keep results that were already collected.

The option to pause or un-pause an alert can be found by clicking on Edit next to your alert's name. The first page that will open is the Alert settings tab. Here, you can scroll through the tab to find the Pause alert section.

This Pause alert section will allow you to:

  • Check if your alert is active or currently paused

  • Pause / un-pause your alert

❗When an alert is paused / un-paused, you must wait 60 seconds before you attempt to utilize the Pause alert section again. If you utilize the section before the 60 seconds, you will run into an error.

If you have any trouble pausing an Alert, reach out to the Support and we will make sure to help!

Please note that pausing an Alert is also available through the Mention API.

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