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What happens if I exceed my quota?
What happens if I exceed my quota?
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Sometimes the Alerts that you have created may bring more data than expected. If your Mention Account passes the Quota limit provided in your contract, you will receive an in-app message (and also an email if you are the Administrator of the Account) to notify you that quota has been exceeded.

This Quota exceeded in your Account means that Mention will stop fetching new mentions until the Quota renews after its 30 day quota cycle. If you choose to upgrade your account, your quota will reset to the new quota limit of your upgraded plan.

Please note that Quota is not a fixed rate per Mention user if you are on a Team subscription. Mention subscriptions with multiple Team users share the total Quota throughout the entire platform. For this reason, all Team users on a Mention subscription will stop fetching data once the quota limit is exceeded.

To view your Quota rate and alert consumption, please refer to the Quota tab in Account Settings.

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❗️If your current amount of mentions is not enough, you can get in touch with your dedicated Account Manager (Company plans only) or our Support team to upgrade your plan. You can do so by sending an email to [email protected] or use the chatbot that is available here in our Help Center or in the Mention platform.

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