As you probably know, when you create an Alert in Mention, you will receive mentions that match your keywords or your query. However, sometimes the number of mentions is too big.

When you validate your Alert, the number of mentions matching your search will be subtracted from your monthly Quota, so it is important to be careful while creating an Alert in order not to exceed that Quota limit.

Find below some tips that you can follow before getting started:

1. Define your goal

The first step, even before the Alert creation, is to well identify what do you want to monitor and why. Once your goal is defined, then the next steps will follow smoothly!

For example:

You want to monitor mentions for Apple products as computers, laptops and phones.

2. Take your time to prepare your keywords or query

In both formats, the Basic or Advanced Alerts, it is worth to take some time to know what type of mentions you will need to reach your goal. It will help to build an efficient keyword request or boolean query.

πŸ‘‰ Create an efficient Keyword request in a Basic Alert.

πŸ‘‰ Create an accurate Boolean Query.

3. Be accurate

You should think about the following:

  • all different possibilities to write a word or expression that you would like to match with your alert.
  • monitoring specific web pages or social media profiles.
  • where you want to search your mentions (the Sources).
  • what Languages or Countries you want to monitor.

4. Don’t forget about blacklisting

This step is the most important and it needs some more extra time.

Think about what you want to block in your requests, both keywords or pages, to avoid the noise in your Alerts results.

β˜… In a Basic Alert

β˜… In an Advanced Alert

Use the AND NOT Operator:

Use the NOT url: Operator:

πŸ‘‰ Know more about how to block a Source here.

Don't hesitate to use the Preview option in Advanced Alerts to evaluate the amount of Quota you might use. When you have finished with blacklisting, you can click on Update Preview to estimate the new amount.

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