How to delete an Alert?

Learn about deleting or leaving an alert

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Sometimes you need to delete an Alert because your goals evolve or you would like to find a better organization in your Mention Account.

❗️Please note that removing or deleting an Alert does not give back your mentions' quota.

If you want to delete your Alert, you can proceed in several ways:

★ Alert that is shared with you

1. From the Feed, please hover over the alert you want to edit. The Edit button will appear next to the alert title. From there, you will access the Alert settings.

2. Once you are in Alert Settings please scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the Delete Alert section.

  • If the alert is shared with your team, you will see the option to "Leave the Alert". This means that Mention will remove the alert from your feed, but it will still be active for your colleagues! This is only available to team subscriptions on the Pro, Pro Plus, and Company Plan.

  • If the alert is not shared with anyone, you will see the option to 'Delete' the alert

3. To fully delete the alert, please choose the second option. This will remove the data from everyone's account on your team subscription.

❗️Be careful! You can delete the Alert for everyone even if you didn't create it.

★ Alert that is not shared to you

If you are an Administrator of your Account, you can delete an Alert created by another user, even if it has not been shared with you.

1. To do this, you can go to the Quota page by clicking on your profile icon (bottom left corner) and opening up your Settings menu. From there, you can scroll to the bottom of the page titled Quota by Alert. Here, will get an overview of all the Alerts that are active on your Account.

2. When you find the Alert that you would like to delete, you can click on the Trash button on the right column. It will delete the Alert for you and for the whole team.

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