How to share an Alert?

Give your Team members access to Alerts

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In the Mention Platform, you can share and remove access to your alerts at any time.

Sharing access means that your colleagues can view the alert within their own account. Here are the specifications for each team member role:

  • Admin: sharing an alert to an admin allows them to view , edit, or delete the alert. Please note that Admins can view all of the alerts in the subscription and grant themselves access to these alerts without the need for sharing.

  • User: sharing an alert to a user allows them to view, edit, or delete the alert. Once a user has access to an alert, they can also share or revoke access to their team members. Unlike Admins, a User does not have access to every alert so they need to be shared on it first.

  • Guests: sharing an alert to a guest allows them to view the alert. They have no other permissions outside of viewing the mentions.

❗Please note that you can only share alerts to accounts that are on your team subscription. If the person you want to share the alert to is not on your team subscription or does not have a Mention account yet, please head over to this article: Manage Your Team Members

★ Share Alerts from the Mention Feed  

1. Hover over the alert and the Edit button will appear next to the alert title.

2. On the top right corner of your Alert settings, there is a + button.

3. When you click on it, Mention will give you the possibility to choose the Team members to share your Alert with.

★ Share Alerts from your Account Settings

1. Go to your Settings, click on Team. For each Team member, the platform shows you which Alert they have visibility on. 

2. Click on the Edit button, in the Actions column.

3. Now choose which Alerts you would like to share: 

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