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Create & Schedule Posts on the Content Calendar
Create & Schedule Posts on the Content Calendar
Learn how to use the Composer on Mention Publish to create and schedule content from all of your social accounts
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Mention Publish allows you and your teammates to schedule and modify content from multiple social media accounts into one shared calendar. The Content Calendar on Publish will provide a full overview of a planned social media campaign as well as performance analytics once social media posts are published.

Before you begin using the Content Calendar, you will need to connect your Social Accounts to the Mention Platform. From there, you will gain access to the features in Publish such as the Calendar, Content Library, and Approval Workflow. In this article, we will specifically go over these topics related to the Content Calendar:

  • Connect your Social Accounts to Mention Publish

  • Schedule new posts through the Calendar or Composer

  • Tips on scheduling multiple posts at the same time

  • How to share Social Account access to teammates (Pro, ProPlus, and Company Plan)

👉 If you would like to learn about the benefits of Mention Publish, please head over to this article: Publish Your Campaigns.

Connect your Social Account to Publish

If you have already connected any Account to Mention, Publish will automatically start working with your connected Accounts listed in the tool. You can move on to the next part of this article if you already have access to Publish.

If there are currently no Social Accounts connected to the Mention tool, you can view the calendar but you cannot create social media posts just yet. Please click on the calendar to open the pop-up window which will have the button to connect your first account:

Once your first Account is connected, the calendar will appear. You can now begin scheduling your social media posts for the accounts that have been connected!

💡Mention Tip - Retrieve Past Post Data

After you connect your first accounts, Mention will fetch posts shared on your accounts from the last 7 days and display them in the calendar.


If you would like to connect more social accounts, manage the connected accounts, or refresh a social token , please click on the Add an Account button at the bottom left-hand side of the Calendar:

To view the Social Accounts that are already connected and view which account tokens are expired, you can click on the Filters button at the top right-hand side of your calendar.

Schedule Posts on the Calendar

The Mention Composer will be the page where you can create your social media post. There are two ways to open the Composer on the Calendar:

  • Click on a Calendar Slot to open the Composer to create a post for a specific date and time.

  • Click on the Compose new post button at the top to create a post without a designated date and time of posting.

❗️The Calendar coincides with the timezone of your Account Settings. You can view the timezone of your Mention account in your Account Settings and make adjustments as needed before scheduling content.

Below, we will share more information on scheduling form the Calendar or Composer:


★ Schedule a post from a Calendar slot

You can utilize the Content Calendar to open your Composer. This method will allow you to create a social media post with a designated date and time that you already have in mind. This method is beneficial if you know when the post needs to be scheduled and you want to save time.

Please follow these steps to open the Composer from the Calendar:

  1. Find the date and time that you want to schedule your post for

  2. Click on the time slot and choose the social account you want to post from


Compose New Post Button

If you use the Compose new post button instead of the Calendar, you will be directly brought to the Composer.

When you choose this option, your Composer will not have a publishing time. You must manually add the time of publishing. This is the only difference between the two options!

Now you are ready to utilize the Mention Composer!

Create Social Media Content on the Composer

The Composer is your dedicated page where you can create and modify content for the Publish Calendar. In this area, you have the following options:

  • Write and modify text for your post

  • Attach multimedia such as photos, videos, and GIFs from your personal computer, GIPHY, or the Mention Content Library

  • Preview the post as it appears on Social Media

If you are satisfied with your post, you can use the Schedule Post at the bottom right-hand side of your page. The post will appear on your Content Calendar.

If you are not ready to post your content just yet, you can use the Save Draft button instead! Your posts will be moved to the Draft folder on Publish where you can continue to edit the content or delete the post completely.

Now that you understand how to create and schedule posts on the Composer, we will some tips on managing multiple posts at the same time:


Create Multiple Posts on the Composer

In your Composer, you will notice the button titled New Post. This button allows you to multi-task and write multiple posts at the same time! This is great if you would like to schedule multiple posts to go out at the same time or simply copy content from one post to other social accounts.

❗️This feature is only available during post creation. It is not available in Edit mode.

1. To use this feature, please click on new post and choose a social account. You have the option of choosing another social account or the same one!

2. Once selected, you can freely switch between the accounts and adjust the text, attachments, and publishing time.

3. If you want to delete the post, simply hover over the social account and click on the trash icon:


Copy Text from a Post Automatically

To save time in curating your Publish Calendar, we offer the ability to Copy Text automatically from one account to another for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

❗️Copy Content only allows you to copy text. If your post contains a photo, video or tagged Account, the option will not display.

To use this feature, you will need to:

  1. Write a social post from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

  2. From there, please write up the social media post

  3. Next, please click on the New Post button and choose a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter social account

Utilize Publish with Team Members

If you already have social accounts connected to Publish and you want to grant your team members access to these accounts, please head over to your Social Account settings. From there, you can click on the + sign and grant your colleagues access to the account:


If you are adding a new social account to Publish, please click on the Add an Account button on your Calendar:

A pop-up will appear with the directions to connect your new account. Before you finish connecting, you will see the option to share the new account to your colleagues:

Providing your Teammates with access to Accounts will allow them to curate posts for that Social Media Account on their Publish tool within their own Mention profile. If you want to make sure that new content is properly reviewed before it is scheduled on the Calendar, we recommend activating the Approval Workflow!

Congratulations on scheduling your first posts on Publish! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Mention Support team!

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