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Pre-upload and manage content for your scheduled posts

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The Publish Content Library is your storage area for pre-made text, photos, GIFs, and videos. In this area, you can upload content and transfer it to your Composer when you are ready to schedule posts!

Pre-uploading media to the Content Library is a great way to save time in content curation especially if you are preparing multiple campaigns within the foreseeable future. It is also a great way to review your photos, videos, and GIFs before they are scheduled to go live.

In this article, we teach you about the following topics:

📖 Once you have media stored in your Library, you can begin scheduling posts to Publish. To learn more, please head over to this article: Get Started with Publish

Tutorial Video:

Before you access your Content Library, please feel free to watch this YouTube tutorial introduction. The video will provide a brief overview on utilizing your Content Library:

For more details on the topics covered in the video, please review the article below!

Access the Content Library

In order to access the Content Library, you will need to head over to your Publish tab on the navigation bar. Once Publish opens, you will see the option for your Calendar and Content Library. Please choose the Content Library to open your media library.

Content Library Configuration

When you open the Content Library, there will be different sections that you can access in order to upload, organize, and manage your media. Let's go over the layout of your Content Library:

  1. Filters: The Filters button will allow you to filter your content by social media conformity or asset type.

    1. Social Media conformity refers to the compatibility of your asset to the different social platforms in accordance with Mention's uploading regulations. Some assets that you upload may be too large for specific social media platforms and we will show you that with this filter.

  2. Quota: Your Content Library is attached to a specific quota limitation. Depending on your Mention subscription, you will have a fixed quota that you can use to upload media.

    1. Please note that deleting media from your Content Library will refund your Quota! Feel free to delete old media whenever you would like.

  3. Folders: You can create specific folders to categorize your uploaded media in the library. This is a great way to organize content based on asset type or content targeted for specific social media platforms!

  4. Uncategorized Assets: When you upload media to your Content Library, it will be placed in this section. It will remain uncategorized until you manually move your asset to a folder.

    1. Please note that you do not need to create a folder for your media if you do not want to!

  5. Upload Media: This is where you can upload media to your content library. Your options are:

    1. Add Text: if you want to pre-upload text such as a caption for your social media, you can write it or paste it here!

    2. Add Media: if you want to upload a singular photo, video, or GIF, you can use this option.

    3. Bulk Import: to upload multiple photos, videos, or GIFs, please use this option. This is the only way to upload multiple pieces of media at once.

Upload Media to the Library

If this is your first time accessing the Content Library, your library will be empty. Once you begin to upload content to your library, you will be able to categorize and upload them to your social posts. There are different ways to upload content to your library and we will cover each one below:

Individual Media Attachments:

When you click on add text or add media, you will be presented with a panel to title your media and upload it. Once you have added a title and the media attachment, you can save it to your Content Library!

Bulk Media Import:

When you click on bulk import, Mention will open your computer's folder and offer you the option to select multiple attachments at the same time. Feel free to select as much media as you want as long as it does not exceed your quota. Once you have selected your attachments, they will be automatically added to your Content Library.

Please note that Mention will automatically title the media by the file name on your computer. If you would like to change the title, please click on the media and this will open the side-panel with the option to change the title at any time!

💡 Mention Tip: in the library, you can use the search bar to find your uploaded media by its title. We hope this helps you navigate your media easily in the library!

Import Content from Composer to Library:

Another method of uploading your media to the library is directly through the Composer on Publish! If you are creating a social post and upload a media attachment, you have the option of importing the media to your library.

To do this, please hover over the attached media and a checkbox will appear. Once the checkbox is clicked, the import to library button will appear:

Categorize Media in Folders

Within the Library, you have the option of moving your media into specific folders. This is a great way to categorize content especially if you have multiple social media teams collaborating on Publish and they want to view specific content for their projects.

In order to create a folder, simply hover over the Create Folder button. A pop-up will appear with the option to give your folder a title!

To move content into the folder, please hover over the specific media and click on the check-box that appears. From there, you will see the option to move it to a specific folder at the bottom of your Library page:

💡Mention Tip : media can only be placed in one folder. If you want an asset to appear in multiple folders, please upload it multiple times to your Library!

Please be aware that deleting a folder will delete all of the assets within the folder as well. Prior to deleting, please feel free to move assets to a new folder or uncategorized so you do not lose it.

Schedule Social Posts Using Your Media Assets

Now that you understand how to upload media to the Library and categorize it, we can begin to schedule content using your assets! There are various methods to use the assets in your social media posts:

Choose Assets from the Content Library:

Within the library, you can hover over the media you want to use. A checkbox will appear along with the logos of the social media platforms you can upload the content to :

At this time, you can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn. If you notice that a social media platform is missing when you hover over the media, it means the media cannot be uploaded to the platform due to a size limitation or platform restriction.

You have the option of checking one or multiple assets that you want to upload. Once checked, you can click on the Compose Button on the bottom of your screen and Mention will ask you which social platform you want to publish to. You will be brought directly to the Composer to curate the post!

Choose Assets from your Composer:

You can import content directly from your Composer in the Publish Calendar. The Composer offers a button to import directly from the Library:

When you click on this button, a pop-up will appear with the ability to scroll through your uploaded media. The window will display the different folders you have created as well as your uncategorized content. You can navigate through your folders and preview the media before attaching it to your post:

Once your appropriate media is attached, you can continue to curate and schedule your post!

If you have any questions regarding your Content Library, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Mention Support team or your dedicated account manager!

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