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Learn how to set up your account preferences such as contact information & passwords

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During account creation, you were prompted to configure some information for your Mention profile such as contact information, company information, and your location preference to name a few. Once you've purchased your Mention subscription, we encourage you to review the information about your Account configurations. The information you configured will be used to notify you about your Mention account so it is important that the information is up to date!

In this article, we will go over the Account tab in within your Settings page teach you how Mention utilizes the information from these sections. The Settings page houses various tabs related to the configuration of your Mention account. Specifically, the Account tab allows you to:

★ Access the Account Tab in Settings

To open the Account tab, please direct your cursor to the bottom of your Navigation Bar and click on your profile image. From there, you will be brought to the Settings page. The Account tab will automatically open since it is the first section of this page.

★ Profile Settings

The Profile section will cover the following configurations for your account:

Profile Preferences

The Profile Preferences fields relate to the display of your Mention profile. For these fields, you can adjust your profile image, change the name of your account, and activate night-mode if you would like.

We encourage you to add a profile photo and to make sure your name is correct on the account especially if you are using Mention with team members. It will allow them to identify your account easily!


Contact Information

It is very important to have your Contact information updated at all times because Mention uses these contact fields to send you notifications about your subscription such as exceeded quota, payment failure, or marketing emails.

Mention will also send you notifications about specific features in your account depending on what you are accessing. Some examples include Daily Mentions, Mention Spikes, and Scheduled Reports.

To learn more about email notifications for your account, please check out this article.


Language & Timezone

The language and timezone fields will determine how information is displayed on your account and affect how certain scheduled and publishing features will work on your account.

At this time, Mention can display your account in English, Spanish, French, and German. Please note that this only affects your Mention platform. Mentions brought into your account will be displayed in their native language.

The timezone in your account will affect the Publish Content Calendar and Scheduled Reports. When you schedule posts on Publish or schedule an emailed Report for specific times, Mention will take your timezone into account. Nonetheless, Mention has disclaimers in these features so you are aware of this!


Country & Company Information

The Country drop-down menu and the Company fields are used for your invoices. If you modify these fields, your future invoices will adjust accordingly.

If you need a current invoice modified or require a VAT number added to your invoice, please contact [email protected].

★ Password Management

The Password section of this page allows you to manage the security of your profile.

You can update your password at any time on this page. If you do not know your current password and require a password reset, please contact the Support team!

For added security, you can also enable a two-factor authentication which will allow you to add a recovery phone number or email to your Account!

★ Account Disablement

If you decide that you do not want to keep your Mention Account and would like to remove all of your profile information and data, you have the option of deleting your Mention account. This is a permanent process that will remove your account from the Mention systems. This includes your personal information as well as all of the data collected in your alerts.

❗️Please note that this action won't end your subscription. You need to cancel your subscription first before deleting your account.

If you have any questions about modifying your account preferences, please contact [email protected]!

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