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Mention offers multiple types of notifications to help you stay on top of the topics that you are monitoring and the social media tools your are accessing on a daily basis.

Within your the Notifications tab, you will see multiple options for notifications based on the features included in your subscription. In this article, we will teach you about each type of notification and how to configure it for your account.

Here are the notifications we will go over today:

  • Spike: receive a notification when a large influx of mentions appear in your account

  • Instant Mentions (Company): receive an email for every new alert

  • Top Mentions: review the performance of your alerts via email

  • Team Notifications (Pro, Pro Plus, Company): receive updates about your team members

  • Alert Notifications: receive updates about your mention alerts

  • Respond Notifications: receive updates about your social inbox

  • Publish Notifications: receive updates about your social media calendar

All of these options will appear directly in your Notifications tab in the Settings page:

Within the Notification tab, you will have the option of activating email notifications or in-app notifications. For in-app notifications, you can review the content using the notification icon in your navigation bar:

💡Mention Tip: These preferences are specific to each member in your team. If your team members would like to configure these notifications, they will need to do it on their own account.

⚙️ If you intend on activating email notifications in Mention, please make sure that your account settings have the correct email.

You can change the email at any time by heading to the Account tab in Settings and changing the email address:

Spike Notifications

Spike notifications are email notifications that Mention will send to you when an unexpectedly large number of mentions appear in one of your alerts. If you are conducting brand or reputation monitoring, these notifications can indicate a viral post or a crisis that is emerging.

💡 Mention Tip: Spike Notifications can be delivered by email or SMS notifications! These are the only notifications we can share via SMS. Mention will send a text to the cell number that is listed in your Account Settings.

📖 If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Spike notifications, head to this article: Mention Spike


Configure Spike Notifications

Within your Notifications settings, you can activate Spike notifications through the drop-down menu listed in the photo above. Your options are:

  • Important increase: when your alert’s activity is much higher than it's normal patterns.

  • Very important increase: when the deviation in activity is huge – we are talking big things happening.

From there, we recommend scrolling to down to the section titled 'Top Mentions'. In this space, you can configure the notification preferences for each alert in your account:

Mention calculates your Spike notifications by reviewing the number of mentions gathered during the current week and comparing the volume to the previous week. We use a statistical model to review the hourly and daily fluctuations of mentions you receive. If you begin to receive an abnormally large volume of mentions, then a Spike notification will be sent to you so you can review your account:

Instant Mentions

You can use the Instant Mentions section to activate instant email notifications for your individual alerts. When these notifications are activated, Mention will send you an email every time your alert fetches a new mention:

At this time, you can configure Instant Mentions for individual alerts in your account. For these notifications, you will have a daily quota so we recommend activating them when you are monitoring time-sensitive topics like a campaign or crisis.

⚙️ If you hit your daily quota limit, Mention will send you an email to notify you that your Instant Mention notifications will resume on the following day.

📖 If you would like to activate these notifications, please head over to this article: Receive Instant Mentions in your Inbox

Top Mentions Email

The Top Mentions emails will provide you with performance statistics of your active alerts and social media posts within Mention. If you configure the Top Mentions email, you will receive your email in the morning. This is a great way to get a head start on your day by reviewing your performance of your alerts and social media calendar before you even access your Mention account:


Configure Top Mentions Notifications:

If you would like to configure the Top Mentions email, please head scroll down your Notifications tab until you find the Top Mentions section.

For these emails, you have the following options:

  • You can choose between daily emails or weekly emails.

  • You can choose to group all of your alerts in one email to receive a full overview of your account or you can choose to receive separate emails for each alert.

Once activated, Mention will share the following metrics with you that you can take action on within your account:

  • Volume of mentions received

  • Featured top mentions ranked by influence score

  • Number of published and scheduled posts from your Content Calendar

  • Top 3 posts by impressions from Publish

  • Pro, Pro+, Company Plan - Top influencers posting about your keywords

  • Pro, Pro+, Company Plan - A Word Cloud of most used words within your alerts

⚙️ Please note that your email content will depend on the configuration of your email. For example, if you choose the option to group all alerts into one email, then the metrics you see will be determined using all of your alerts in mind.

Team Notifications

The Team Notifications tab is where you can activate in-app or email notifications regarding team members in your Mention account. Mention will notify you when:

  • A team member's role is modified in the account.

  • A social media account token has expired.

To activate these notifications, head over to the Teams section and modify your preferences:

📖 To learn more about team member roles or social media tokens, head over to these articles:

Alert Notifications

The Alert Notifications section will provide you with information about your Mention Alerts . If you are using Mention with other team members, you will also receive notifications about team actions. Here are the notifications shared by Mention via email or in-app:

  • Alert Shared With You (Pro, Pro Plus, Company): receive a notification when a team member shares an alert with you in the platform.

  • Mention Assigned to You (Pro, Pro Plus, Company): receive a notification when a team member assigns a mention to you.

  • Quota Nearly Exceeded: receive a notification when your quota is about to exceed in your account.

  • Quota Exceeded: receive a notification when your quota has exceeded and your mentions are paused.

To activate these notifications, please head over to the Alert section in your Notifications tab and choose your preferences:

⚙️ For the Mention Assigned to You notification, we recommend activating the email notifications option. If your colleagues left you a comment when assigning you the mention, you will see the comment in the email.

Respond Notifications

With regards to Respond, you can configure in-app notifications and emails to receive updates about your account. Mention will notify you when:

  • A new message is sent to your inbox (All Subscriptions)

  • A message is assigned to you (Pro, Pro Plus, Company Plans)

These notifications will help you reply to messages from your community at a rapid pace. To configure these notifications, please head over to the Respond section and choose the type of notifications you want (email or in-app) :

Publish Notifications

Mention offers multiple notifications dedicated to your Content Calendar and Approval Workflow in Publish to ensure that your content is published accordingly. Here is an overview of your notifications for Publish:

Approval Workflow Notifications (Pro Plus, Company Plans):

  • Post in Review: a drafted post is in review by a Manager.

  • Post Approved: a drafted post has been approved by a Manager and the post has been scheduled to the Content Calendar.

  • Post Denied: a drafted post has been denied by a Manager and needs to be re-submitted for review by the post creator.

Calendar Notifications (All Subscriptions):

  • Post Published: your content has been published on social media.

  • Publishing Error: your content could not be published due to an error.

  • Reminder: your content will be published soon.

To configure these notifications, head over to the Publish section and toggle the type of notification you would like to receive (email or in-app):

⚙️ Reminder notifications are only available in-app.

Unsubscribe from Notifications

If you do not want to receive any of these notifications from Mention, you can disable all notifications at once either from all marketing emails and/or Mention's notifications.

❗️Be aware that if you switch off all emails and sms notifications, you won't receive any more messages regarding your activity on Mention.

📖 To disable these notifications, please head over to this article: Unsubscribe from Mention Notifications

Thank you ! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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