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Receive Instant Mentions in your Inbox
Receive Instant Mentions in your Inbox

Learn how to configure email notifications for new mentions in your alerts

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A great way to stay on top of new content in your Mention Feed is through Instant Mentions. Instant Mentions are email notifications that will be sent to you once a new mention appears in one of your alerts. In this article, we will guide you through the Instant Mentions setup and provide some beneficial tips.

Here are some things to keep in mind before we begin:

  • You will receive an individual email for each new mention

  • You will have a quota of 20 Instant Mentions for each alert.

  • Instant Mentions can be set up for individual alerts

  • Instant Mentions will only be set up in your account. If your colleagues on the Mention team account would like these notifications, they will need to configure them manually as well!

Setup Your Instant Mentions

Please follow the steps below in order to configure Instant Mentions with ease:

1. Check Your Account Information

Before you configure Instant Mentions, please go to your Account page in Settings. To find this page, please click on your profile icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

On the Account page, please make sure the email on your account is the one that you want for Instant Mentions. The email on this page is the one we will use for all email notifications including scheduled Reports, Publish, Spike, etc.

2. Configure Instant Mentions for Alerts

Once the correct email is listed in your account, you can head over to your Notification tab. From there, please scroll to the section titled Instant Mentions. The Instant Mentions section will list the alerts in your account. You can enable or disable instant mentions for each individual alert.

Please note that when you create a new alert, Instant Mentions will be automatically disabled. You must manually enable Instant Mentions for each alert!

💡 Mention Tip : in this section, you can also activate the Slack integration feature! A Slack integration will allow you to receive new mentions directly in a Slack channel. To learn more, visit this article: Receive Mentions in Slack

3. Receive Instant Mentions in your Email

Once an alert is enabled with Instant Mentions, we will send you an email when a new mention appears. In your email, you will receive a preview of the mention with some analytics such as sentiment, influence score, and source.

  • If you click on the button titled 'view on the web app, you will be brought to the Mention platform

  • If you click on the title of the mention directly, you will be brought to the original post on the web or social media

Instant Mentions Quota

Instant Mentions have a daily and monthly quota limit. As we mentioned earlier, the daily limit is 20 emails per alert. If you or a team member exceeds this limit, Mention will send an email to the admins of the account. You will need to wait 24 hours before receiving more Instant Mentions.

The monthly quota limit is 500 emails. If your team reaches 500 Instant Mention emails, your admins will be notified and your team will not receive emails until the quota resets. The monthly quota resets every 30 days. To review the monthly quota, you can head over to the Quota page if you are an admin:

Congratulations! You have now successfully configured Instant Mentions for your alerts. If you would like to enhance your email notification experience, we recommend these next few articles as well:

Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or your dedicated Account Manager for further assistance.

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