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How to get your mentions in Slack
How to get your mentions in Slack

Receive your mentions directly in your Slack channels

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Mention is a real-time media monitoring tool which pushes mentions of your keywords directly into your feed. There is no better integration to use than Slack to be the first person to know when someone is talking about you, your competitor or any other topic. Follow the steps below to set up your integration:

1. Go into the Alerts settings

After you create your alert, you can go to alert settings by hovering over the alert name. While your mouse is hovered over the alert, the Edit button will appear.

2. Add your Alert to Slack

In the left menu of the Alert settings, you have to select Add to Slack:

3. Allow Mention to access your Slack workspace

You will get a permissions window where you can select the channel where Mention should post the updates. Please click on the dropdown menu to select it.

4. Select what you want to receive

The next step pop-in, you can select what do you want to receive:

  • Daily recap & statistics

  • All new mentions in real time or just mentions from influential sources, as you can select your minimum Influence Score. Your integration will automatically be set to an influence score of 50. To receive all mentions please lower this number to 0.

You can also modify the Slack channel that you have previously selected.

5. Receive your notifications directly in your Slack channel

Now you are ready to receive daily recap messages to your Slack channel in order to have a detailed stats overview for each day.

If you want to remove this integration, please check How to remove Slack integrations.

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