You can block a Source in Mention, so you will not see the mentions coming from this Source in the Alert Feed anymore!

Blocking the Source of a mention in the Feed will block the URL domain or a user’s profile from your Alert so you stop receiving in data from those Sources.

❗️Blocking a Source is not available for Instagram mentions, because Mention can not technically get the author's information from this Social Media.

❗️Blocking the Source of a mention will block future mentions, so that will not count towards your Quota (excepting Twitter mentions in Advanced Alerts).

There are several ways for doing it:

★ From the alert Feed

Click on a mention in your Feed, hover over it and click on the Block Source button.

You can also block this source from the mention's view:

★ From the Influencers tab

You can block sources from the Influencers tab. You have to click in the Block Source button that you will find in the Actions column of the Influencers Table for each Source.

★ From the Alert Settings page in Basic Alerts

Once you get to the Alert Setting page, you can block websites in the Exclude websites section. You only need to copy paste the URL of the site in the Excluded websites urls field. Then click on enter to commit value!

★ From the Alert Settings page in Advanced Alerts

When you go into the Alert Settings page for an Advanced Alert, you have to click on the Blocked Websites tab and copy paste the URL of the website that you want to block. Then click on Block. And don't forget to always save your query!

Now you know how to avoid non-relevant mentions in your Feed!

If you decide that you want to begin receiving mentions from blocked Sources, you can unblock the URL in the Excluded websites/Blocked Websites area of your Alert settings.

❗️Please note that you can block up to 1000 URLs in Mention!

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