Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface. It allows connection between servers to ensure that we can access all the features and data from another point.

In Mention, we provide a public API to access your data and integrate them in your website or application. Our API lists a bunch of operations that developers can use, along with a description of what they do.

Mention is designed as a REST API with multiple clients (web, iOS, and Android). With the API, you can integrate Mention into your own website or application with your own layout and managing rights. You can also use the API as an intelligent crawler with its output going into your own workflow/system.

Mention cannot distribute the full content of certain mentions via the Mention API:

★ Twitter

Mention is able to provide our API clients with the tweet_ID. You only need to use Twitter’s public API to get the data. This API has no extra cost for you.

The steps to follow are detailed in the Mention API documentation.

★ Facebook & Instagram

Mention is also able to provide you with the mentions ID for these sources through our API. You need to use the Facebook API to get the data. This API has no extra cost for you, but you need a previous validation of the use case/application by Facebook.

So you need to grant your Page Public Content Access, after your use case or application has been validated by Facebook. Then you can get the data from the mentions by using the endpoint{id}. This is really simple!

👉 You can find our detailed documentation here: Mention API documentation.

This service has an extra cost.

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