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Why am I not receiving email notifications?
Why am I not receiving email notifications?
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If you are not receiving daily emails, it could be that you are experiencing one of these situations:

  • Quota Exceeded: If your Account has reached its quota limit, then new information will stop coming into your feed. There will be no daily emails sent to your account until your Quota resets or is adjusted.

  • Low Search Volume: Your search topics may not be in high volume right now. If your Alert has not fetched new data due to low or no postings online about your topics, then you will not receive a daily email.

  • Alert is too specific: You're not receiving daily emails because your alert is too specific, so you didn't get any mentions from the last notification.

If you are not receiving emails and the three issues above do not apply to your Account, then please contact [email protected] for assistance.

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