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Learn how to activate Respond in your account and begin replying to messages in your inbox

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Respond will fetch your social media messages from Facebook and Twitter and organize them into a shared inbox. You can collaborate with your team members by assigning messages to other users and you can close any finished conversations to keep your inbox clean.

In this article, we will teach you the steps to activate Respond and we will provide you with some best practices. Here is the agenda:

Connect & Activate Social Accounts

In order to access Respond, you will need to connect one of the following social accounts to Mention:

  • Facebook Business Page

  • Twitter Account

⚙️ When you receive a direct message from Facebook, you have 7 days to reply to the message. After 7 days, you won't be able to reply to the message from Respond. You'll need to access Facebook's native platform for any messages that are older than 7 days.

This is a limitation due to Facebook's privacy policy.

Once a Social Account is connected to Mention, you will be able to activate Respond

in your Mention Account. By default, Respond is not automatically activated in your account. You must manually activate the feature during social account connection or from Respond's landing page.

The reason for this is to prevent any initial confusion. We do not want users to automatically start seeing direct messages and activity in their Respond inbox without the proper notification! You can activate Respond using these methods:


Activate Respond During Social Account Connection:

When you are connecting a new social account to Mention, you will see a toggle switch to activate Respond. You can activate Respond through this step:


Activate Respond Through Respond's Landing Page

If you did not activate Respond during Social Account connection, do not worry! You can activate Respond afterwards through Respond's main page.

When you head over to the Respond tab, you will see this page:

On this section, you will see a button titled Start Using Respond. Please click on this button and you will see a pop-up appear with the option to:

  • Connect new accounts to Mention.

  • Choose one of your connected accounts from Facebook or Twitter to use the Respond Messenger.

Once an account is activated, Respond will open the inbox messenger and will attempt to retrieve some messages from your social media channels!

Navigate Respond's Inbox

Once your social account is activated in Respond, the inbox messenger will appear with four sections that you can navigate:

You can review a breakdown of each section below using the drop-down menus.


Social Account List

The first section is your list of social accounts that are activated on Respond. Here, you can navigate between your different inboxes. When you click on a different social account, you will be able to review all of the messages fetched for that specific account:

This list of social accounts are only the accounts that are activated in Respond. For the full list of your connected social accounts in Mention, please head over to your Settings page.

Respond Inbox

In the second tab, you will have your inbox which will display the list of messages from your connected social account. In this area, you can view the following inboxes:

  • Open Messages: By default, Respond will display your open messages. This is typically where you can find your unread and new messages from users.

  • Closed Messages: The second box will be your closed messages. You can close a conversation in Respond to keep your inbox clean.

You can use the drop-down menu to switch between your inbox and the inbox of your colleagues who are using Respond. With this menu, you can review the conversations that your team members are assigned to:

⚙️ In Respond, you will have an Unassigned inbox by default. This is where all new messages will filter into.You can assign certain messages to the specific inboxes of your colleagues.


The Messenger is where you can engage with your community by replying to incoming messages:

In this section, you can:

  • Assign messages to other team members.

  • Close the conversation.

  • Reply to a message and keep the conversation open.

  • Reply and close messages.

Activity & Biography

The final panel in Respond will provide you with information about the accounts that are messaging you:

In this section, you will see: -

  • The account's name and biography which will help you gauge who they are.

  • The participants in the conversation including your colleagues who are replying to the messages.

  • The activity of the conversation which will show which team members replied already.

Now that you understand the layout of Respond, you can begin replying to your incoming messages!

Respond to Messages

When a new message arrives in your Inbox, you can begin replying through the Messenger:

As you reply, you can keep the conversation open or immediately close your message to keep the inbox clean:

You also have the option of assigning specific messages to your colleagues. This is a great way to connect your audience with specific experts from your team:

Once you are done with the conversation, feel free to close the message!

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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