You want to start using Mention to answer your conversations in Social Media. Good choice! You just need to follow these steps:

1. Add your Social Accounts 

The first step to using Respond is to connect and activate your Social Accounts on the feature.

If you have not connected a Facebook or Twitter account to Mention, you will see the option to Connect Your First Social Account in Respond. Once you connect your Account through this page, Respond will automatically activate and start fetching conversations!

If you already have a Facebook or Twitter Account connected to Mention, you will see the option to choose a linked Account and start using Respond! You can always add more accounts later as well.

★ Activate a connected Social Account

To add more Accounts in the Respond interface, you can go to the left sidebar and press on the + symbol of the feature. From there, you can choose the Accounts that are already connected!

★ Connect a new social account

To connect a new Social Account, can also click on the + symbol and add a new Account when the popup appears.

2. Answer to a conversation

Once your Social Account is connected and activated, we will start fetching conversations!

A conversation is created for:

  • Direct Messages sent on your Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account

  • Posts on your Facebook Business Page

  • Comments on your Facebook Business Page’s posts

To answer, simply write your message and hit the Send button!

Please be aware that Respond is not supported in the Mention mobile apps for iOS or Android!

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