1. Add your social accounts

The very first step is to connect and activate your social accounts in Respond

If you have not connected any social accounts in Mention via the Respond feature, the first thing you’ll need to do is to connect a social account! This process will automatically activate it in Respond and start fetching conversations to answer. 

If you have already connected social accounts to Mention, our tool will suggest for you to activate them. You will still be able to connect another social account if you want to.

You can also repeat the process from Respond’s main screen, on the left sidebar of the feature :

Activate a connected social account

Connect a new social account

Please note that Respond currently supports Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages.

2. Answer to a conversation

Once your social account is connected and activated, we will start fetching conversations that you will be able to answer!

A conversation is created for:

  • Direct Messages sent on your Facebook Page and Twitter account
  • Posts on your Facebook Page
  • Comments on your Facebook Page’s posts

To answer, simply enter texts, emojis, and hit the “Send” button!

Connection and activation

The difference between connection and activation is as follows:

Connecting your accounts is mandatory if you want to use your social account with our social media management features: Publish, Respond and Social Account Analytics Reports. Enabling this means you are giving Mention the access and authorization needed for you to publish posts and fetch conversations directly in our platform.

Activating your social accounts only concerns Respond. We only activate your social account in Respond if it was connected during the onboarding, or if you connected it from Respond directly so that you can start using the feature right away. If you connect a social account from Publish, the settings, or the Reports, you will have to activate it manually in Respond if you want to use it.

Activating an account in Respond allows us to generate activity and notifications based on the conversations that are related to your social account. If a new user or team member is using the platform for the first time, they may wonder why they are already receiving activity and notifications. To reduce confusion and ensure you and your team are set up for success, we recommended completing the activation process before starting to fetch conversations.

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