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Activate and Disable a Social Account in Respond
Activate and Disable a Social Account in Respond
What is the purpose of the Social Account activation and how does it work
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You must activate your Social Account in Respond in order to start generating the activity from your Social Account into the Mention platform.

The reason for this is to prevent any initial confusion. We do not want users to automatically start seeing direct messages and activity in their Respond inbox without the proper notification!

1. Activate a Social Account in Respond

You can activate a Social Account in Respond from:

  • Respond’s landing page if it is your first social account activated in Respond.

  • Respond’s inbox if you already have activated social accounts in Respond.

Also, whenever you connect a Social Account in Mention (from Publish, Reports or Settings), you will be suggested to activate the social account in Respond!

2. Disable a Social Account in Respond

To disable your Social Account, simply hover on the account’s icon in Respond, go to settings and click on Disable social account.

Once the Social Account has been disabled, we erase the existing conversations from our database and you will stop receiving notifications from it.

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