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Manage your conversations using Respond
Social Accounts Available in Respond
Social Accounts Available in Respond

Learn about the platforms you can connect to Respond

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In order to access Respond, you will need to connect one of the following social media accounts to Mention:

  • Facebook Business Page

  • Twitter Account

❗At this time, Respond does not support the following social accounts:

  • Facebook personal profiles

  • LinkedIn Pages or personal profiles

Once your social accounts are connected, you can activate Respond and begin receiving direct messages from any profiles that message you on Facebook or Twitter.

In the next few sections, we will go over each supported platform for Respond:


At this time, you can connect any Facebook business page to Mention in order to access Respond. Once you connect a Facebook page, Mention will try to fetch recent conversations into your Inbox,.

For Facebook, Mention will fetch multiple types of messages:

  • Direct messages from your Facebook inbox.

  • Comments made to your Faceboo posts.

  • New posts that are shared onto your Facebook wall.

⚙️ Facebook Messages - 7 Day Expirations

When you receive a direct message from Facebook, you have 7 days to reply to the message. After 7 days, you won't be able to reply to the message from Respond. You'll need to access Facebook's native platform for any messages that are older than 7 days.

This is a limitation due to Facebook's privacy policy.


For Twitter, you will need to connect any Twitter account to mention and you will begin to receive Twitter direct messages.

Once an account is connected, Mention will attempt to fetch recent messages from your inbox.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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