Mention Administrator users can manage everything related to the billing on their Account. To view information about billing on your Account, please go to your Subscription tab in Settings. On this page, you can view your Current Plan, Billing Information, Payment Method, and Invoice History.

Current Plan

This section tells you what subscription you are currently on with Mention and the current charge for the plan. This section also gives you the option to change your plan.

❗️If you have an Enterprise Account, please contact your Account Manager for any requests to change subscription.

If you want to cancel your Subscription, please check this article: Cancelling my Subscription.

Billing Information

In this section, you can change your name, address, and phone number for your billing. This page can be edited at any time.

Payment Method

When you first subscribe to a paid plan, your card will appear in this section. You can add and remove cards for the subscription in this part of the platform. Please note that there must always be a card on file for your subscription. If you want to remove any old cards, you must first add a new one.

This page only applies to users paying by Credit or Debit Card and will not apply to accounts on Wire Payments.

👉 Find out more information about Payment methods here.

Invoice History

For information about your previous charges, you can review the invoices section. Here, you will be able to see all previous charges made to the subscription. Also, if you are issued a Refund, you will be able to see that invoice here as well.

You have the option of downloading a PDF version of the invoice.

❗️Mention does not email invoices to clients when charges are made. All invoices are available in this section of the platform.

For questions or editing requests to your billing and contract, please do not hesitate to contact the Mention team!

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