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To view the details about the data exported in your account, please feel free to explore the Exports tab in Settings. Here, you can view the reports that are scheduled for your team and the latest exports done in the Mention feed through your alerts!

★ Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports shows you the list of reports that you have scheduled for your Account. Here, you will find the name and list of contacts it is going out to.

★ Latest Feed Exports

In the Mention's Feed, you have the option of exporting an Alert’s data from the platform. This information can be directly sent to your email that you use for Mention; however, it also appears in your Export page.

Latest Feed Exports shows:

  • The name of the Alert

  • The time it was exported from your Feed,

  • Its Export status

  • The email it was sent to

  • The format it was exported in, along with the possibility to download it again in the format that was originally exported.

If you want to export your Alert's mentions in a different format, you need to go to the Mention's Feed and create a new Export.

Mention allows you to export your Alert in these formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, and TSV.

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