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Export Data from Mention

Learn about the different areas in the platform where you can export Mention data

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Through the Mention Feed, Influencer Dashboard, and Reports tab, you can view a constant stream of data pertaining to your Mention Alerts. There may be times where you might want to capture some of the data and save it for yourself or share it to your colleagues and shareholders. If so, you can export content in various formats directly from the Mention Platform!

Mention offers exporting capabilities in PDF, Excel, CSV, PPTX or TSV depending on the feature you are on. Below, we will share where you can export your data and any clarifications you should be aware of! Here are the areas where you will be able to export your data:

Mention Feed

Within the Mention Feed, you can open any alert and find the export icon next to your Search in alert history bar.

Clicking on this icon will allow you to export in PDF, Excel, CSV or TSV.

⚙️ For Feed exports, Mention will export data from the last 30 days and you are limited to 10,000 recent mentions.

You have the option of exporting your most recent mentions or you can use the Search Filters to capture specific data. The Search Filters will allow you to manipulate time periods, sources, sentiment, and more. Once a filter is set, you can export the filtered data in your Feed.

Once an Export is activated from the Mention Feed, Mention will take some time to format your data. When your Export is ready to download, you will receive an email from us and you will see the download button in your Exports tab in Account Settings.

💡Mention Tip: Mention Feed exports have a limit of 10,000 mentions for the past 30 days. To bypass this limit, we recommend using a Mentions List Report with the PDF export. Mentions List Reports do not have any export limit for PDF.

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Influencers Dashboard

The Influencer Dashboard contains two sections: Influencer Tables and Influencer Lists. The table will provide you with a list of top influencers that are engaging with the keywords from your alert while the list allows you to manually curate a list of influencers. For both sections, you have the option of exporting data in Excel or CSV.

To export content on the Influencer Table, you can head over to the right hand side and click on the blue download icon:

To export content from the Influencer List, you can head over to the right hand side and click on the three dots:

For both exports, Mention will take some time to format the data and will then provide a pop-up with the download button directly in the feature! There is no need to go into your Exports tab in Account Settings.

⚙️At this time you can only export 200 influencers at a time. Mention will take into account any filters that you use on the table before exporting.

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Mention Reports

Mention Reports offer a macro-view of the data from your Alerts and Feed. Within a Report, you can share content to colleagues using Mention, schedule a Report to send via email, and also export the content directly to your device!

Since Mention offers multiple report types, here is a breakdown of the Report types and the formats you can export them to:

All Subscriptions:

  • Listening Reports: PDF or PPTX

  • Comparative Reports: PDF or PPTX

  • Social Analytic Reports (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn): PDF

Company Plan:

  • Listening, Comparative, or Custom Reports: PDF or PPTX

  • Mention List: PDF, XLS, CSV

  • Social Analytics Reports (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn): PDF

  • Comparative Analytic Reports (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram): PDF

To export content, you can open the Report and click on the three buttons on the right hand side next to Edit Mode:

When you click on an export option, Mention will take some time to format your data. From there, a pop-up will appear with the download button directly in the Report!

💡Mention Tips:

  • You can also apply filters to your Report through Edit Mode. The filters will allow you to export precise data as well.

  • Mention List Reports allow you to export up to 10,000 mentions in Excel format. If you need to export more mentions, you can utilize the time period filter to break down your data into smaller segments. Otherwise, we recommend exporting in PDF as there is no limit! Feel free to contact us for assistance with this!

⚙️ Extra Information Regarding Scheduled Reports:

When you schedule a Report with Mention, we will email a downloadable version of the Report to you and your contacts in the email list. This is another method of downloading your reports with the option to receive the content on a recurring basis!

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

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