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Save, Edit, and Store Posts in the Drafts Page
Save, Edit, and Store Posts in the Drafts Page

Learn how to organize and modify your un-scheduled posts into your Drafts

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Curating new social media posts for your brand takes time and several layers of editing. It's fairly common to go through multiple versions of a post before it is ready to publish online with your full creative vision in mind. Within Publish, you can use the Draft page to store all of these posts that you are still working on until they are ready to be scheduled to your Calendar.

In this article, we teach you how to use the Draft page for all of your editing needs. Here is an overview of the article:

Access & Navigate Drafts

On Publish, the tab for your Drafts will appear on the right-hand side. If you click on this section, you will open the list of posts that are listed as Drafts:

The Draft page will display a preview of your social media content with the following information:

  • You will see the name and account handle of the posts that are in your drafts.

  • A preview of the text and multimedia will be displayed.

  • At the bottom of the preview, a change log will appear to show you which user made recent edits to the post.

As you navigate through the list of drafts, you can click on each post to see a full preview of the post:


Sorting & Filters:

At the top-right of the page, you can organize your view of the drafts with the Sort By menu and the Filters button:

  • You can filter your list by a specific social media platform or by a specific social account that is connected in Publish.

  • You can sort your list by the creation dates or editing dates.

Save a New Post to Drafts

If you are working on a new social media post in Publish, you can save the post as a draft at any time directly through the Composer.

On your Composer, the Save as Draft button will appear a the top-right of your page:

⚙️ Reminders & Helpful Information:

  • Before you click on the Save as Draft button, please make sure that you selected a social account for your content. If the post is not attached to a social account, you will run into an error.

  • You do not need to choose a scheduling date or time for your post if you are going to save it to your Drafts. You can choose the date and time when you are officially ready to schedule the post in the future.

Once you click on the Save as Draft button, you will be instantly brought to your Draft page. You can review the post at any time and make adjustments before you schedule it to your Calendar!

Edit or Delete a Draft Post

When you are ready to edit a post from your list of Drafts, you can click on the post to open the preview panel. Once opened, you will see the delete and edit buttons:

  • If you click on the Delete button, your post will be immediately removed from Publish.

  • If you click on the Edit button, you will be able:

    • Modify the text and multimedia of your post.

    • Adjust the scheduling date and time of the post.

❗Please note that deleting a post is permanent. Mention will not be able to restore any posts that are deleted in Publish.

💡Mention Tip - Update your Draft:

If you still need more time to work on your post, you can re-save your post back to the Draft page. Please follow these steps to update your Draft post:

  1. Click on the Edit button.

  2. Update your content.

  3. Once you are ready to save, click on the Update button and your draft will be sent back to the Draft page in Publish:

Schedule a Draft to the Calendar

When the final version of your social media post is ready, you can open the Draft and schedule it to your Calendar. Once you open the preview of the post, you can click on the Schedule button to transfer it to the Calendar:

⚙️ Scheduling Reminder:

Before trying to schedule your social media post, please make sure a date and time are set for the post. If you did not set a proper scheduling time, the Schedule button will not be available and you will see an error message on your preview:

💡Mention Tip - Post Content Immediately:

If you want to publish your social media post immediately from the Draft folder, follow these steps:

  • Open the preview and click on the Edit button.

  • Once the Composer is open, simply make final adjustments to your post and make sure you do not have a scheduled time.

  • If your post does not have a scheduled time, you will see the Post Now button appear. Click on this button to send your post to the social media platform immediately.

Move a Scheduled Post to Drafts

Sometimes you will find social media posts on your scheduling Calendar that need more edits before being published online. If you preview the social media post and click on the Edit button, you will open the Composer. On the Composer, you can use the Save As Draft button to un-schedule the post and send it to the Drafts page:

The post will be officially removed from your Calendar and will remain in your Drafts until you decide that it is ready for publishing!

Collaboration with Team Members

Within the Draft folder, you will have access to a change log in the preview of each post:

This section will indicate when a new draft was created or modified by you or another team member. This is a great way to track the modifications made to your drafts.

💡 Mention Tip - Collaborate Using the Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow is Mention's core collaboration feature in Publish. The Workflow allows you to implement roles in Publish for you and your team. Team members under a certain role will have to request approval from their managers to schedule content on Publish. You can use this feature to oversee your Content Calendar. To learn more, check out this article: Review & Approve Social Media Posts

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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