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Learn about why Mention might not fetch certain content from the web

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Mention’s systems are configured to capture most of the data online. However, there may be times where you may find a mention online that did not appear in your Mention Account.

In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why an alert was missed from your account. Here is the agenda:

  • Missed Mentions due to Alert Configurations

  • Missed Mentions due to Alert Edits

  • Missed Mentions due to Historical Data

  • Missed Mentions due to Web Limitations

Alert Configurations

Mention is a keyword crawler that matches the keywords or phrases from your Alert to content from the web and social media. Within a Mention Alert, you have the option to add parameters to your alert to limit your searches. These parameters include language or country filters, blocked website domains, and excluded keywords.

If you find a missed mention, we recommend reviewing the publication with your alert's configurations. If the configuration of your alerts does not match the publication, then Mention will not bring it into your account.

Here are some areas that you can review for missed mentions:

  • Review the Alert's keywords and make sure that your search query is an exact match to the missed mention. If your keywords do not match, Mention will not fetch the post.

  • Review the Sources you are monitoring. If you are blocking a particular source, Mention will not fetch content from that source.

  • Review the list of excluded keywords and excluded URLs from your search. Mention will deny all content that has an excluded keyword or excluded URL.

  • Review the language and country settings of your alert. Mention will disregard posts from languages or countries that do not align with your search filters.

If you reviewed all of these configurations and you feel that your alert is still missed, please contact [email protected] for further review!

Alert Edits

When you edit your alert, Mention will not retroactively fetch data from the web. The edits made to your alert will only apply to new mentions.

If you find a missed mention in your account, please compare the publication date of the missed mention to the date that you edited any alerts.

💡 If you edit an alert, please give your alert a few minutes to re-index with your new configurations in mind. This may halt your monitoring for a bit.

Historical Data

Basic Alerts & Standard Alerts:

Mention Basic Alerts and Standard Alerts begin to monitor new web data upon Alert creation and they do not track Historical Data. These Alerts will not track mentions that are already on the web.

If a post was published before you created your Alert, Mention will not fetch it into your account!


Advanced Alerts

Mention Advanced Alerts offer the Historical Data possibility as an add-on to the Company plan. If your alert does not have Historical Data activated before alert creation, then older content will not be fetched.

❗️Additionally, modifying an alert will only apply to new mentions after you change the settings. The modifications will not alter or track mentions that already appeared on the web.

Online Web Restrictions

Mention cannot bypass through most paywalls or websites with login pages. If the missed mention has these restrictions, our system cannot bring it in.

Mention cannot bypass crawling blockers imposed by online websites. There are some websites that do not allow tools like Mention and our competitors to crawl them for keywords. Due to this, we will not be able to fetch content from certain online sources.

After checking all the above you can contact us if you still identify a missed mention. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will look into it!

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