You have the option to add Historical Data as an add-on feature to your Enterprise plan. This feature allows users to view historical Web and Twitter mentions for up to two years in the past. It is interesting for:

  • Agency prospecting: get a snapshot of the client’s life before your agency
  • Agency: New client onboarding
  • Crisis management & analysis

It is also handy to see data from before your Advanced Alert was created.

👉 Check here our article about Historical Data to get more information.

If you want to collect mention from the past through your Advanced Alert, please contact your Account Manager.

Some historical mentions when you create your Alert

Once you have created your Alert (Basic, Standard or Advanced), you will see some historical mentions within the results. If the information is available, we will provide mentions from up to 5 days before the Alert creation and these are not deducted from your Quota.

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