Can I monitor hashtags?
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Yes, you can monitor hashtags with Mention!

Hashtag monitoring is available in your keywords search for your available sources. We will match the hashtag you add to your keywords box with online postings across the web + social media! We even recommend this as a best practice for social media such as Instagram and Twitter!

To add a hashtag, simply go to your Edit Alert settings and add the search term with the hashtag in front of it in your keywords search! For example, you can write #Mention in any alert and the system will understand your search needs.

★ Regarding Advanced Alerts and Facebook Monitoring

The Boolean Query lets you monitor hashtags as well!

If your subscription offers Facebook monitoring, then you do not need to use a hashtag! If you add a normal keyword in your query, you will get also the hashtags that match with this keyword.

👉 Know more about the Boolean Operators here.

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