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How to reply to Social Media mentions?
How to reply to Social Media mentions?
Respond and react to your social mentions from the feed
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If you notice a mention in your Feed from Twitter or Facebook, you can directly interact with it through the platform! First, you must make sure that your Social Accounts are connected to Mention.

Depending on your Quota, you can also add multiple Accounts from the same Social Media platform.

Once your Social Account is connected, you will see in your Feed some options to interact with social media mentions through commenting, favoriting, and re-sharing posts. These are the possibilities we support per Social Media platform:

  • Twitter: Like, Reply, or Retweet

  • Facebook: Like, Comment, or Share

When you open a social media mention in the Feed, you will be able to interact with it. At the bottom of the Mention preview, you will see the profile image and profile name of the account you are replying with! Clicking on the profile will allow you to switch profiles if you have access to multiple.

Mention Respond

To enhance your engagement capabilities, you can also use the Respond tool for direct messages on Facebook and Twitter. This feature in Mention allows you to navigate internal conversations in a fluid and organized manner between your Team and clients!

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