The sentiment analysis is a way to understand better all the mentions that you get. Mention classifies the publications collected with a positive, neutral or negative sentiment.

The algorithm decides to give one of those sentiments to a mention after a  semantic analysis of the publication. It takes into account : words, punctuation signs and emojis. 

It is defined by a green (positive) or red (negative) dot on your feed, and you are able to manually curate the sentiment when you disagree with the algorithm. In specific context, like irony or sarcasm, the platform lacks of context to understand the real feeling. So make sure to double check !

Now you will be able:

  • Respond to a crisis with your product, customer services, etc. 
  •  Have a better view on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Measure the impact of a new campaign.  

And many many more ! 

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