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Identify easily your promotors and detractors!

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Sentiment Analysis allows you to understand the tone of your mentions within your feed and data reports. The sentiment tool is a great way to better understand the mentions that you receive. Mention will classify content in your feed as positive, neutral, or negative sentiment:

  • Positive sentiment is defined by a green dot in the mention view. You can identify the author as a promotor or ambassador of your brand!

  • Negative sentiment is defined by a red dot in the mention view. You can identify the author as a detractor.

  • Neutral sentiment will not have any dots.

Mention utilizes a state-of-the-art deep learning model to identify every mention that appears in your feed. Our system will extract information from your mentions and the strict model will conduct a semantic analysis to determine positive, negative, or neutral tones. Mention offers this for 16 languages!

Sentiment in the Mention Feed

The Mention Feed provides a micro view of sentiment by tagging individual mentions. As you scroll through the feed, you will notice the sentiment dots applied to mentions that our system confidently marked.

Mention utilizes a strict algorithm for its Sentiment Analysis. You may notice some mentions that seem positive or negative, but our system marked them as neutral. This is done to reduce unwanted noise in your sentiment analytics. The Sentiment Analysis tool will only apply a sentiment tone to content that is true positive or true negative. Nonetheless, Mention allows you to manually change sentiment as well!

If you would like to manually adjust the sentiment of your mentions, please open the mention and head over to the task bar at the top of your page! You will see an emoji as the first option. Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu of sentiment that you can choose from. Please note that this will also adjust your Data Reports!

Tip: You can modify the Sentiment for several mentions at a time!

Sentiment in QuickChart (previously Insights Center)

QuickChart allows you to build Sentiment graphs if you would like a quick macro view of sentiment for your alerts.

Mention offers the segmentation for Sentiment directly in QuickChart. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose an alert

  2. Choose Sentiment as the segmentation

  3. Pick a graph to display

👉Learn more about QuickChart

Sentiment in Data Reports

Mention offers sentiment through its Data Reports as well! The reports to view graphs about the overall sentiment in your alerts will be:

  • Mention Listening Reports: view sentiment for 1 alert

  • Mention Comparative Reports: view sentiment for multiple alerts

  • (Company Plan) - Mention Custom Reports: build your own report

The Listening and Comparative reports will automatically create a pie chart and line graph for your reports. The Custom Report will allow you to build any type of sentiment graph using the same graph options as QuickChart!

Within the Mention dashboard, you will be able to click on the graphs and the mentions will pop out for you to view! Feel free to see what mentions were marked as positive, or neutral.

👉 Learn more about Mention Data Reports

Sentiment Analysis helps you:

  • Respond to a crisis when you notice an influence of negative sentiment

  • Have a better view on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand

  • Measure the impact of a new campaign

And much more !

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