Sentiment Analysis is a way to understand better the mentions that you receive in the feed. Mention classifies the publications collected with a positive, neutral or negative sentiment:

  • Positive sentiment is defined by a green dot in the mention view. You can identify the author as a promotor or ambassador of your brand!
  • Negative sentiment is defined by a red dot in the mention view. You can identify the author as a detractor.

The Mention algorithm decides sentiment after semantic analysis of the publication. It takes into account words, punctuation signs and emojis for a lot of different languages! Whenever a new mention comes in the platform, we infer the sentiment (positive or negative). If the confidence of the prediction is below a certain threshold, the mention is classified as neutral.

Unfortunately, the platform may incorrectly tag sentiment sometimes due to irony or sarcasm in the text. Please make sure to double check sentiment in your feed!

If you disagree with the sentiment or would like to manually curate sentiment, you can change it by opening the Mention (mention view) and adjusting sentiment in the task bar.

You can modify the Sentiment for several mentions at a time.

Sentiment Analysis helps you:

  • Respond to a crisis when you notice an influence of negative sentiment
  • Have a better view on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
  • Measure the impact of a new campaign

And much more !

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