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Can I perform bulk actions on mentions?
Can I perform bulk actions on mentions?
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There are two methods to select your mentions in the Feed. We offer the ability to manually select multiple mentions or select mentions in bulk. These actions allow you to modify multiple mentions in your feed rather than just one!

Manually Select Mentions

If you hover over a mention, you will see a checkbox appear next to it. You can click on multiple mentions this way if the mentions are scattered throughout your feed.

You can also click on the checkbox next to a mention. From there, hold the shift key and go up or down on your arrow keys. This action will result in selecting each mention that you scroll through as well.

Select Mentions in Bulk

This process will allow you to select all mentions in-between the two you check off!

Here are the steps:

  • Find the first mention and check it.

  • From there, scroll to the top or bottom of your list to find the second mention you will check off.

  • Once found, hold the shift key and click on the second mention.

  • This action will result in selecting all mentions in between your first and last checked mention in the feed.

When you select multiple mentions, your preview will look like this:

Once you've selected your mentions, you can do the action that you prefer:

👉 Get the most of your Mention's Feed.

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