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Inbox Folders in the Feed
Inbox Folders in the Feed

Understand the Feed's folders for a better organization

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The Mention inbox provides you with a stream of data that arrives in your Feed throughout the day. Within the inbox, you will have pre-set inbox folders available to review for your dedicated Alerts:

Here is a breakdown of the folders that are pre-set by Mention:



The main inbox will display all of your mentions that are fetched into your Alert. Here, you can scroll through your mentions, filter them, and engage with content.

⚙️ You will notice that a blue number will often appear next to your inbox. This number indicates the number of unread mentions you currently have.



The Unread folder will display all of your unread mentions in your account. When you open an unread mention, it will be removed from the unread folder.



The Priority folder gathers mentions that are marked as important by our influence score algorithm. If a mention has a high influence score, it will appear in this folder. You can use this inbox to track the popular authors and influencers from your monitored searches.

⚙️ The Priority inbox folder is automatically curated by Mention which means you cannot manually add mentions to this folder.

💡 If you are generating an RSS Feed link in your account, you can choose to share the mentions from your Priority inbox. To learn more, check out this article: Generate an RSS Feed

📖 To learn more about the Influence Score or tracking Influencers, check out these articles:



The Favorites folder will display the mentions that you manually favorite from your Feed. You can curate this inbox by favoriting or favoriting mentions that are relevant to your needs.

Depending on your Mention Subscription, you can share your mentions from the Favorites inbox folder in the following ways:

  • (All Plans) - Generate an RSS Feed - When you generate an RSS Feed link, you can choose to share the mentions from your Favorites inbox.

  • (Pro, Pro Plus, Company Plan) - Filter Analytics by Favorites - You can filter your Mention Reports and graphs from the Insights Center using the Favorites inbox folder.



The Archive folder will store all of your mentions that you manually archive from the Feed. When you archive a mention, it will be removed from the Feed but it will remain in your Analytics. We remain archiving mentions to keep your Feed clean without affecting your Reports.



The Trash folder will store all of your mentions that you've deleted from your Feed using the trash bin icon. Trashing a mention will remove the mention from your inbox and remove the mention from your Analytics. We recommend trashing mentions that are completely irrelevant to your monitoring needs such as unwanted noise.

⚙️ If you accidentally trash a mention, simply go to the Trash folder and restore it using the trash bin icon.



The Spam folder is also available when you need to remove mentions from your inbox and analytics as well.


Saved Filters

If you create a Saved Filter, it will appear directly in your Feed below your unread inbox folder. Saved Filters are folders that display mentions using specific filters that you configure in the Feed. Saved Filters will only appear in your Feed after you create one:

You will be able to distinguish a Saved Filter by seeing the edit button next to the title of your Filter. In the Feed, you can modify your saved filter or delete it at any time!

📖 If you would like to create a Saved Filter, check out this article: Organize Mentions with Saved Filters

Tags, Tasks, and Activity

Along with inbox folders, your Alert will include dedicated tabs for specific features that are dedicated to your Mention Feed. Here is a breakdown of the tabs:



The Tag drop-down menu will display all of the tag folders created in your specific alert. Here, you can review the Tags you've created and make adjustments to the configuration of your tags:

📖 To learn more about Tags in your Feed, check out this article: Organize your Mentions with Tags



If you are using Mention with multiple team members, you will have access to Tasks. Directly in the Feed, you will be able to assign mentions to your team members with specific task descriptions. The mentions that are assigned to your colleagues will appear in this tab:

❗ At this time, the description of a task is not displayed in the task bar, only the mention. To review the description of the task, please check your email. Mention will notify you of the task via email.



The Activity tab will display actions that were taken on your Feed by you or a team member. For example, if a team member trashes a mention, you will see the information directly in the Activity tab:

⚙️ If you click on a specific activity from this list, you will see a preview of the mention that was curated.

Thank you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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