The Insights Center is the place to generate graphs and play with the data within Mention. It enables you to create new visualizations, providing you with filters and cross-alert analysis options.

To get the most of the Insights Center, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose your Alert

Start by choosing the Alert you want to focus on.

2. Define your KPI & visualization

Then, you will have a to define which KPI and which visualization you want to display the data with.

3. Select the time period

The time period can be customized according to the historical data available in your Alert.

4. Apply your filters

Make sure to use the filters on the right to deep-dive even more in the analysis.
The options will depend on the KPI and the visualization you chose.

The blue line under your graph corresponds to the volume data displayed in line without the filters you are applying.

5. Download your graph

You have the possibility to download the graph in png, or save it within your reports.

Are you ready to analyze?

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