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Set up your Basic Alert successfully
Set up your Basic Alert successfully
Learn how to correctly structure your Alerts to get relevant results
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To set up your Alerts correctly is essential to get the most accurate results in Mention. The first and most important step is to choose carefully the keywords that you want to monitor. After this, you will have to set the Social Accounts you want to track and choose the Sources, Languages, and Countries from which you want to receive your mentions. Let's start!

1. Add a new Alert

To get started, you can head over to the top of your Mention Feed and click on Add a new alert:

2. Select Basic Alert

You will find the below screen, where you will need to select the option Basic Alert.

3. Name your Alert

You can use your main keyword or choose something that will help you well identify your Alert.

  • If you want to title your Alert as your brand's name or a competitor's name, Mention will attempt to auto-generate some content for you to make alert creation easier. By clicking on the auto-generated name, Mention will automatically provide the brand's Facebook page, Twitter page, and Company website to your alert.

  • If you want to title your Alert as a phrase or topic, then you can simply click on 'Use << alert name >> instead at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

4. Define your keywords

On the first tab you can start listing the keywords you want to monitor using our available options: Optional, Required and Excluded keywords. To set up your alert, you can choose up to 5 keywords per module.

👉 Make sure you know how to write your keywords.

5. Choose the pages that you want to monitor

The Monitored Pages feature will allow you to track specific websites, social accounts, and review sites. In this area, Mention will monitor all new content posted on the social media pages or review website URLs that you add to your alert.

In the Basic Alert, Mention offers the following monitored pages:

  • Website URLs

  • Facebook Business Pages

  • Twitter Accounts

  • Review Sites

👉 Learn more about Monitored Pages.

8. Select the Sources & Languages that you want to monitor

You can select the Sources you want to get mentions from in the left menu. Mention will only monitor for content on the sources that you toggle!

From there, you can choose up to 10 languages on the right-hand side. Mention will fetch content from those languages.

👉 Get more information about the Sources that are available for Basic Alerts in your current plan.

9. Share the Alert with your Team members

Before launching your Alert, you can choose if you want to share it with your Team members or not. You can also share an Alert when it has already been created.

10. Save your alert

Click on View Results to save your Alert! Once created, Mention will begin to monitor your alert search and fetch new mentions online!

👉 Take a look at our video: How to create your first Basic Alert

What about the Country Monitoring?

❗️This feature is available after the alert is created! You will need to go to 'Edit Alert' to find the Country Monitoring tab.

You can either choose to receive mentions from anywhere or choose to receive mentions only from a set of Countries (up to 10 per alert).

Please note that the location of some mentions cannot be determined. If you want to receive the mentions from an unknown country, please select Mentions without country information in the Country list.

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