Mention enables you to find out who talks about you, your brand, product or competitors and find potential relevant spokespersons. In the Influencers tab, you can find people who have already talked about your keywords (in the Influencer Tables) and even create lists to organize these profiles (Influencer Lists).

In the Influencer Table, you will find the same data that you get in your feed but displayed by an author's point of view.

To display the Table, you have to:

1. Select one of your Alerts

2. Choose a timeline

3. Select the Source you would like to find Influencers on.

Please note that, in the Influencers Table, you will be able to see all the profiles who have been talking about your keywords on Twitter and Web (including News, Blogs, and Forums).

❗️Some legacy accounts have the possibility to select Instagram, only for mentions collected before the 1st of December of 2018 (we can not collect the Instagram authors information anymore, due to an Instagram Data Policy change).

Web table:

Twitter table:

1. Name: the name of the Source or Profile. You can click on it to get more information!

2. Followers: When you get the Influencer Table from a Twitter or Instagram source, you can see also a column named Followers.

3. Location: You can get the location information of the author if it is available on their website or Twitter profile.

4. Interest/Topics: their point of interest declared in the website or Twitter profile. They are also clickable to allow you to apply these filters directly.

❗️Since the 21st of October 2020, we are no longer fetching new Twitter interests from existing or new accounts appearing in the Influencer Table.

5. Influence: this is the Influencer Score of the profile or the source.

6. Reach: in the Reach column you can see the estimated Reach of the post or Source.

7. Interactions: The interactions are the mentions you have collected from this author. You can click on it to access the mentions, know exactly what was said and how many times they mentioned your keywords.

8. Actions: From here you can:

  • Add the Twitter profile on your own Twitter account (if you have already connected it to Mention).

  • Reply directly to their interaction.

  • Add them to a list you have created or create a new one.

  • Block them to never receive any mentions from them.

★ Filter your results

You can use the Filters option on your right to refine the results in the Influencer Table. The Influencers Filters are pretty similar to the Filters that you can apply in your Feed.

For instance, you can start new partnerships with the ambassadors you identified by filtering the results on the positive Sentiment. Or find out where you can publish your next Press Release by identifying a new newspaper website related to your activity if you filter by the web Source!

You can also sort out the table according to the Influencer score or the number of Interactions had with your keywords.

★ Export your results

You can also export your results in Excel or CSV thanks to the blue button in the right!

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