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The Mention Influence Score is a metric developed by Mention to showcase the popularity of content in your Feed. The score ranges from 0 - 100 and is calculated using a specific algorithm depending on the Source.

The Influence Score is a great way to monitor the popularity of specific web pages or social media pages. You can use this insight to document your spokespersons and how high their influence is online.

At this time, Mention offers an Influence Score for the following sources:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook public business pages

  • Web

  • News

  • Blogs

  • Forums

❗ Mention does not support the Influence Score metric for the following sources: Instagram, Videos, Radio & TV, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube

With the Influence Score, you and your team can gauge the impact and popularity of web pages that are talking about your brands or your competitors! Depending on your Mention Subscription, you will be able to engage with the score in multiple ways! Learn more below:

Influence Score in the Mention Platform

In this section, we will explain where you can view the Influence Score and how you can engage with it!

Mention Feed:

The Mention Feed will display Influence Score for online web sources, Twitter, and Facebook directly in your feed. To view Influence Score, you can open a mention from your feed and it will appear in the bottom of your page.

If you find important mentions that you would like to share with your team or clients, you can use the Task bar to copy the content or email it out!

You can also filter your feed by the Influence Score to view specific mentions with a certain score!

Influencers Dashboard:

The Influencers Dashboard will provide the Influencer Score for Twitter or Web mentions. The number will appear in your Influencer Table section when you open the page.

With this Dashboard, you can create a list of your spokespersons from the web and Twitter. This is a great way to keep track of influencers that you want to engage with for future campaigns.


QuickChart has the ability to provide Influence Score for Twitter, Facebook, and Web mentions. You have the option of creating influence graphs utilizing the Influence segmentation.

Once a graph is created, you can use specific filters to adjust the data. For example, you can change the time period, view specific sources, or adjust language and country information. The Insights Center is a great way to micro-analyze your content in a quick and easy-to-use manner in order to attain a better view of your influencers.


Mention will automatically display the Influence Score for its Data Reports. Here is a breakdown of the way Influence Score is shown per report:

  • Listening / Comparative Reports: the reports will automatically have a graph titled Influence with the scores shown

  • Company Plan - Mentions List: the report will provide the Influence Score in a list format

  • Company Plan - Custom Report: you have the option of adding an Influence graph

Reports will provide a macro overview of the data from your Alerts and Feed. You can utilize a report to view your Influence Score data and compare it to other metrics included as well. Depending on your Subscription, you can view the reports with your colleagues directly in Mention or you can schedule it out via email.


In Mention, you can export content on the Mention Feed, Influencer Dashboard, Insights Center, and Reports section. When content is exported, the Influence Score will also export accordingly This is another great way of extracting data from Mention and sharing it to your team or clients.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions!

👉 Find out more information about how the Influence Score is calculated!

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