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Adjust the View of your Content Calendar
Adjust the View of your Content Calendar

Learn how to filter and organize your Calendar to fit your needs.

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The Calendar tab on Publish is where you will be able to review all of your scheduled and published posts from social media. As you schedule more social media posts, the Calendar will begin to fill up. To ensure that you have an optimized view of your Content Calendar, Publish offers multiple filtering options to adjust the view of your posts.

In this article, we will teach you about the multiple calendar viewing options and the filters available to adjust your social posts.

Content Calendar Navigation

At the top of your Calendar, you will have several navigation buttons to modify the view of your calendar:

Here is an overview of these buttons:

  • Today: if you click on the 'Today' button, your calendar will bring you back adjust your calendar to display the list of scheduled posts for the current day. This button is useful if you are navigating through the calendar and want to rapidly return to your current day.

  • Time Period: you can use the 'Time Period' arrows to switch the intervals of your calendar. The intervals will be determined by the current view you are on:

    • List View: for the List View, it'll be a monthly time period.

    • Weekly View: 7-day time period

    • Monthly View: a full month time period

  • Calendar Views: here, you can adjust the calendar by List, Weekly, or Monthly displays.

  • Filters: this is where you can filter your calendar by social accounts or Calendar Tags. This list will also notify you of expired social account tokens!

💡 Mention Tip - Time Period Action Button

If you click on the time period button, a menu will appear with the option to adjust your view of the calendar by days, months, or years:

Now that you understand the the Calendar navigation buttons, you can begin to adjust the view of your calendar!

Change the Layout of the Calendar

Mention offers multiple displays for your Content Calendar that are designed to fit your different needs. Below, we will go over each format that is available and how they can assist you:


List View:

The List View will provide you with a complete overview of your Publish posts using an easy-to-view layout. When you click on this view, the Calendar will be replaced with a list that displays all of your posts from a specific month:

The List View will provide you with a preview of your social media posts by displaying the name of the account, a text preview of the caption, and you will see if multimedia is attached to the post.

💡Mention Tip - List View & Post Analytics

We recommend using the List View when you want to review the post analytics of previously published content. The List View will allow you to rapidly sift through your content and you can preview any post with ease by clicking on it. It is a productive way to conduct an analysis on the performance of your posts.


Weekly View:

The Weekly View is the default view of your Calendar. It will display a Calendar of published and scheduled posts for a 7-day cycle:

We recommend using this view as your launchpad for the beginning of the week. The Weekly View is a great way to assess your campaign and social strategy for the upcoming week by indicating the volume and diversity of your social posts. You can use this view to determine if you need to re-arrange content or schedule more content on specific days.


Monthly View:

The Monthly View will provide you with a full view of your social media posts for the entire month:

You can use this view to gauge the volume of posts that were published by your team from the last 30 days. It will help you indicate how many posts you want to queue or add to your strategy for the upcoming month.

Filter the Calendar

On top of Calendar views, you also have the option of filtering your Calendar to review specific posts. We recommend using these filters when you want to hone in on specific social media posts or platforms that interest you:

Here are your filtering options:

  • Social Media Platform: filter by specific platforms that Mention supports

  • Social Media Account: filter by a specific social account that is connected to Mention.

  • Tags: filter by a specific Calendar Tag that you've created.

In order to apply a filter, simply click on the Filter tab and check off the content you want to remove from your Calendar View:

You can also reset your filters at any time using the Reset Filters button!

💡 Mention Tip - Utilize Calendar Tags to Organize your Campaigns

We recommend integrating Tags to your Calendar so you can review posts from specific social campaigns you are running. This is a great organizational resource that will help you navigate your Calendar with ease especially if your team is running multiple social campaigns.

To learn more, check out this article: Calendar Tags

Thank you! If you have any questions about the Calendar Views or Filters, please contact [email protected].

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