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Can I crawl Emoji with Mention? ✅
Can I crawl Emoji with Mention? ✅

It's possible to crawl emoji with Mention's standard or advanced alert.

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Short answer: Yes! Add even more depth to your social listening experience with Emoji Crawling on the ProPlus and Company plans. You can track and analyze the use of emojis across various platforms, offering richer insights into how your audience communicates and feels.

How to Use Emoji Crawling

Our new Emoji Crawling feature is available on both Standard and Advanced Alerts, allowing you to integrate emojis seamlessly into your monitoring strategy. Here's how you can get started:

For Standard Alerts:

- Simply add the emoji you want to track into your list of keywords. For example, to track the emoji 🎉, add it to your keyword list just like any other keyword.

For Advanced Alerts:

- When using Advanced Alerts, place the emoji between quotation marks. For instance, to track the emoji 🎉 within Advanced Alerts, your keyword should look like this: `"🎉"`.

- You can combine emojis with other keywords for more complex tracking.

API Integration:

- You can also pull these emojis through our API, ensuring you can incorporate emoji data into your custom analytics and reporting.

Imagine you want to track how people are celebrating a new product launch on Twitter (X). You might set up an Advanced Alert with the keyword `"🎉" AND "new product"`. This will help you find posts where users are celebrating (using the 🎉 emoji) and mentioning your new product, providing you with actionable insights.

Limitations of Emoji Crawling

While our Emoji Crawling feature opens up new possibilities for social listening, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

- Basic Alerts: Unfortunately, Emoji Crawling does not work with Basic Alerts.

- Tags: Currently, you cannot create tags that include emojis.

Despite these limitations, the ability to crawl and analyze emojis across multiple sources, including Instagram, offers a significant boost to understanding your audience's engagement and sentiment.

Start using Emoji Crawling today to take your social listening to the next level! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.


Happy tracking!

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