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Curate mentions with Inbox Folders
Curate mentions with Inbox Folders

Understand the Feed's folders for a better organization

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The Mention inbox provides you with a stream of data that arrives in your Feed throughout the day. Within the inbox, you have the options to curate mentions for better organization and better reporting as more and more mentions pull into your Account. In the Feed, you will see these options:

★ Priority

The Priority inbox gathers mentions that are marked as important by our Influence based algorithm. Here, you will find mentions with a high Influencer score. You can use this inbox to track the spokespersons in your industry! You cannot add mentions to this folder as it is automatically curated for your Account by our systems.

★ Favorites

Favoriting mentions will allow you to keep important information in one specific area and will let you easily share information with your team. A favorited mention will remain in your inbox and also appear in the Favorites folder.

Mention Tip: You have the option of generating an RSS feed with your favorite mentions. You can also filter your Reports and Insights Center graphs by your Favorites folder.

★ Archive

Moving a mention to Archive will remove the mention from your main inbox but keep it in your analytics. You can use this folder to store mentions that are important to your reporting while cleaning up your Mention's Feed.

★ Trash

Moving a mention to Trash will remove the mention from your inbox and remove it from your analytics. If you delete a mention by mistake, you can always go into the Trash bin and restore it by clicking on the Trash icon again.

★ Spam

A Spam folder is also available when you need to curate your mentions. Moving a mention to Spam will remove the mention from your inbox and remove it from your analytics. You can always unmark mentions as spam as well.

👉 If you want to block a Source to prevent these mentions appearing in your Feed, please check our article How to block a Source in Mention.

Don't hesitate to start using these folders for a better organization in your Feed. You can move a step forward in your mention's curation by using Tags, Filters and even Saved Filters!

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