Smart folders are saved filters that you can create in order to have an organized view depending on what type of mentions you want to see in your Feed. It is particularly helpful if different users in your Mention team have different objectives.

For example, a social media manager might want to see only social media mentions while a PR manager will prefer to filter mentions by source "News". 

You can add several filters by selecting a Source, a Language, a Country, a period of time, a Sentiment, an Influencer score or a Tag. Those saved filters will be accessible to all Team members.

1. Select your filters and click on 'Save as...' at the bottom

2. Give your Smart folder a name and click on Create saved filter

3. Click on your Smart folder to view your mentions filtered

You can now organize your view with your own filters!

👉 Learn more about Filters here: How to filter the mentions in your Feed

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