Mention allows you to connect several social profiles for engagement and analysis within the platform.

You have the ability to add these Social Media pages to your Mention account:

  • Facebook Business page (if it is linked to a Facebook profile)
  • Twitter profile
  • Instagram Business page
  • LinkedIn Company page

With connected social accounts, Mention will allow you to:

  • Engage (like, reply) to social mentions within the Feed
  • Share and retweet mentions on your social profiles
  • Analyze the performance of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with Social Analytics reports
  • Schedule your next posts with Publish for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Respond to conversations and direct messages through Respond for Facebook and Twitter

To add a new Social Account to Mention, click on Add account:

Add your Social Account

From there, you can choose the social account you want to add to your platform:

Choose your Social Account

For each social network, you will receive a popup window to accept the permissions Mention needs to make your life easier! Once that is done, the page will load and connect your social account.

To save some time, we will also ask you if you would like to turn on the Respond feature once you connect a Twitter or Facebook Social Account. You can choose to turn this feature on immediately or you can do it in the future.

Turn on the Respond feature

Don't forget to share your social profiles to your colleagues if you need to!

👉 Know more about how to manage access to your social accounts in Mention.

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