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Benefits of Connecting Social Accounts to Mention
Benefits of Connecting Social Accounts to Mention

Once connected , you can engage with your social platforms right on your account!

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With regards to social media, Mention's features offers dedicated management tools as well as monitoring on performance and brand identity. Connecting your social media accounts to Mention will allow you to enhance your social engagement by offering the ability to interact, analyze, and program content through one consolidated platform!

Below, we will go over what you can do with your social media connections in the Mention platform. Here is the agenda:

Engage with Mentions in the Feed

Through the Mention Feed, you will have the ability to interact with social media mentions from Facebook and YouTube


  • Mention will fetch the original posts from public business pages. You will be able to like the post or comment on it.

  • Mention will display comments from some posts (if they are available). You will be able to like the comments, reply to comments, or even leave your own comment!


  • If you receive a mention from YouTube, you can view the video directly from the Feed. You will not be able to like or comment on the video at this time.


Please note: When you open a mention from Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest, Mention will show you a preview of the mention in your Feed. Mention does not offer the ability to engage with the mention. If you click on content from the preview, it will open the mention in a new tab. If you're logged in to your social accounts from your web browser, you can directly engage with the posts on the new tab.

Build Your Content Calendar with Scheduled Posts

Mention Publish Homepage

Publish is Mention's holistic approach towards content management. Through this feature, you will be able to program content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Whether you want to schedule posts or immediately push content, Publish will allow you to access multiple social accounts in one area. This is a great way to align your content and brand identity.

Here are the social account available for Publish:

  • Facebook Public Business Pages

  • Instagram Business Pages

  • LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Twitter accounts

Once your account is connected, you will be able to:

  • Schedule content for automatic posting

  • Post content immediately through Mention

  • Edit scheduled posts with updated text or media attachments or delete them

  • View previously posted content*

    • With regards to viewing posted content, Mention will only show the content that was sent out through Publish. Mention will not show content that was manually posted through individual accounts

👉 Learn more about Publish: Create & Schedule Social Media Posts

Respond to Direct Messages

Within the Respond feature, you can directly reply to direct messages in your inbox for Facebook and Twitter. Through the Respond inbox, Mention will allow you to engage with the following:


  • Direct messages to your public business page

  • Comments made on your posts

  • Posts that are written on your public business page


  • Reply to direct messages sent to your Twitter account

Within the Respond inbox, you can manage general questions, conduct customer support, or manage a crisis. On top of that, Respond allows you to collaborate with your team through message assignations!

👉 Learn more about Respond: Answer Conversations from Social Media

Analyze Social Media Performance

The Mention Reports feature allows you to create social analytical reports for your owned social media channels. Through a social account connection, you will be able to analyze the performance of your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

These reports are a great way to gauge the performance of social posts or online campaigns over a period of time. With a social account connection, Mention will have access to fetch metrics such as follower evolution, top posts, and more!

Once a report is created, you can also share access to the reports to your colleagues!

If you are on the Mention Company Plan, you can also schedule the reports to send via email or export the reports.

👉 Learn more about Social Analytic Reports: Social Analytics in Mention

Collaborate with your Team on Mention!

Collaboration on all of the features above is also available on team subscriptions! With team members, you will be able to delegate social media tasks and collaborate on content.

Once you have granted your teammates access to the social accounts, you will be able to:

  • Send them mentions from the Feed that they can engage with

  • Share viewership access to social analytic reports

  • Grant viewership and collaborative access to your Publish calendar

  • Assign conversations to teammates on Respond

  • Company Plans: schedule the reports to send out via email to your colleagues

👉 Feel free to grant access to your social accounts once you've connected everything! You do not have to do it immediately and you can revoke or edit access through account settings at any time.

We hope this information will help you integrate social media management into your account! please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

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