Mention has 3 different types of Team member statuses:

  • Administrator: Full access and billing management

  • User: Edit access

  • Guest: Read-only access

The Permissions details for each status are the following:

★ Administrator

  • Has the access to the whole platform.

  • Can add a new Team member and edit the role of a Team member.

  • Has access to the Billing and Quota page.

  • Can view all alerts including alerts not shared to them.

★ User

  • Has the access to the entire platform except the Quota and Subscription page.

  • Can create Alerts and Reports on the Subscription.

  • Can access Social Account features such as Publish and Respond.

  • Cannot add new Team members or change their role.

  • Can only view alerts that are shared to them.

★ Guest

  • Can access the platform in a read-only view.

  • Cannot create or share an Alert.

  • Cannot edit, delete or unsubscribe from an Alert that has been shared with him.

  • Cannot access Respond or Publish.

  • Cannot access Team, Quota, Social Accounts & Integrations.

  • Can access the Reports list, the scheduled Reports list, and export a Report.

The different features that you can access depend on the plan that you have subscribed with Mention.

👉 More information about the Mention plans in our website.

Team Owners in Mention

Mention subscriptions also have a designated Team Owner as well.

If you are on a Free or Solo plan then you will be the Team Owner of the Account.

For team subscriptions with multiple users, the Team Owner is typically the first user to create the subscription and the one who made the first payment on the Account.

The Team Owner can be an Administrator, User or Guest on the Account. Their user permission can be altered at any time by other admins.

❗️Please note that Team Owners cannot be deleted from the subscription by Administrators. If there is a user that you cannot delete on the Mention subscription, it is due to the fact that the user is the Team Owner.

In order to delete these users, a new Team Owner must be assigned to the subscription. Please contact and provide the Support team with the name and email address of your new designated Team Owner. The new team owner can be a user who is already on the subscription or a new user you want to add to Mention!

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