You have already learnt about how to schedule your posts in Publish. However, sometimes your posts need to be edited due to new updates in information, changes in your editorial calendar, or even spelling modifications. For this, we offer a variety of management features built right into Publish to make sure you can modify content with ease!

Edit or Delete a Scheduled Post

1. To edit a post, you have two options on the Calendar:

  • If you click on the scheduled post, a preview will open for the individual post

  • If you click on the daily post counter at the top of your calendar (next to the date), you will have the option to view all of the scheduled posts for that day.

2. Once you open the preview, Mention will provide you with the following information:

  • The preview text and attachments of the post

  • The time and date of the scheduled post

  • The social media platform that the post is going to

  • A tag stating if the post is scheduled, drafted, or in error

3. In this section, you have the option of editing, duplicating, or deleting a scheduled post. Your editing options include:

  • Changing text and media of a post

  • Changing the scheduled time

  • Move the post to Draft. This will unschedule your post.

  • Deleting posts that are scheduled or in error.

  • Duplicating the post to another social media account.

❗ If you choose to delete your post, please note that this process is permanent!

Duplicate a Post

If you have a scheduled post that you want to share on other social channels, you can duplicate the content and attached media. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the social media post you want to duplicate.

  • When the side-bar appears, head over to the Duplicate button and click on it.

  • Choose the social media account you want to duplicate the content to.

  • The Composer will open and you can modify the post with any extra final edits.

  • Please choose a publishing time and click on Schedule when you are done!

Filter Your Calendar

If you are interested content from a particular social media platform, you have the option of filtering the calendar! We hope this can assist you during busy periods where a lot of posts are scheduled on your platform.

To filter your calendar, please head over to the Filter button at the top right corner of your Calendar. From there, you can check off the social platforms that you do not want to see at the moment:

If you have any questions about Publish editing, please do not hesitate to contact the Mention Support team!

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