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You have already learnt about how to schedule your posts in Publish. However, sometimes your posts need to be edited due to new updates in information, changes in your editorial calendar, or even spelling modifications. For this, we offer a variety of management features built right into Publish to make sure you can modify content with ease!

In this article, we will provide you with information on how to navigate the layout of the Calendar so you can review scheduled content with ease. We will also show you how to modify content if edits need to be made!

Access the Preview Panel

On the Content Calendar, you can utilize the preview panel to view a preview of your scheduled post as it would appear on its respective social media platform. To open the panel, simply click on a post in your calendar.

When you open a post, the preview panel will display information regarding the scheduling of the post:

In the preview, you will find:

  • The date and time that the post will be published

  • The social media platform and account handle that the post will be published on

  • A preview of the entire post with multimedia

  • The status of the post -

    • Schedule : the post will be published at the designated time you chose

    • Error : the post is in error and will not be published unless the post is fixed. Mention will display an error message to explain how to resolve the issue.

  • The option to Delete, Edit , or Duplicate your post


★ Expand the View of Photos

If your scheduled post has a photo attached, you can open the photo in fullscreen mode! This is a great way to review a new illustration or design incase it needs modifications before it is published online. To expand an image, please open the preview panel and click on the image:

★ Preview Scheduled Videos

Within the preview panel, you have the option of previewing the videos that are scheduled on your calendar. To do this, please open the preview panel and click on the video. The video will automatically start playing and you have the option of watching your content in full screen.

Delete, Edit, or Duplicate a Scheduled Post

When you access the preview panel, you will see three buttons to modify your post. You have the option of editing, deleting, or duplicating your post at any time before the scheduled publication date:


Delete a Post

If you choose the Delete option, Mention will instantly delete the scheduled post from your Calendar.

❗Please note that this process is instant and permanent. You will not have the ability to recover any post that is deleted on your Calendar.


★ Edit a Post

If you choose the Edit option, Mention will open your Composer where you can:

  • Modify text or multimedia

    • Multimedia can be deleted or you can import new media from your computer, GIPHY, or the Content Library

  • Change the scheduled time and date of the post

  • Unschedule the post by moving it to the Draft Folder

  • Move the post to Draft. This will unschedule your post.


★ Duplicate a Post

If you chose the Duplicate button, Mention will open your list of connected social accounts on Publish. Once you choose an account, Mention will open your Composer and duplicate the text and any attached media from the original post.

❗ Mention will not duplicate the scheduled time and date of the post. You will need to manually select these options before scheduling the duplicated post.

View the List of Daily Posts

At the top of your Mention Calendar, you will see numbers begin to appear next to the calendar date. These numbers are known as the daily post counter and they will signify how many posts are scheduled during a given day.

If you click on this number, the preview panel will appear with previews of each post scheduled for that day. You have the option of deleting, editing, or duplicating individual posts with this preview!

💡 Mention Tip: At the top of your list, Mention will also provide icons of the social media platforms that you will be publishing on for that day. If you click on an icon, Mention will filter out the previews for that platform. This will not un-schedule the post, it is just to filter the list of content you see.

Adjust the View of your Calendar

You can adjust the display of your calendar view through the:

  • Social Accounts Filters

  • The Weekly / Monthly Calendar View

The Social Accounts Filter will allow you to view scheduled content for specific social media platforms. This will be beneficial if your social team is overseeing a campaign on a particular platform.

Adjusting the view of your Calendar from weekly to monthly will allow you to get a better overview of your editorial calendar and will assist your team in determining new content for upcoming months.

Filter by Social Accounts

To filter by a social account, please go to the top-right corner of your Calendar and click on the Filters button. From there, you can check off the social platforms that you do not want to see at the moment. You can reset these filters at any time!

Adjust the Calendar View

You can adjust the Calendar from a weekly to monthly view at any time! To do this, head to the top-right corner of your Calendar and switch between the two options at any time.

If you have any questions about navigating or modifying your Calendar, please do not hesitate to contact the Mention Support team!

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