Share Your Mention Reports
Learn how to share reports to users or colleagues outside of Mention
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Mention offers a variety of ways to share and collaborate with your Data Reports or Social Analytics Reports internally or externally.

Mention offers the following options for Report Sharing:

  1. Granting access to the Report to your Mention team members internally

  2. Creating a Public Link

  3. Creating a Scheduled Report to send out via email

Team Sharing in the Mention Platform

Within the Mention platform, you can grant your team members access to reports. This is a great way to share data within the platform.

This sharing option is only available to users who have a Mention account and are part of your team.

Please follow these steps to share a report in your Mention application:

  1. Go to the top of your report and click on the + symbol.

  2. The pop-up will appear and show you who has access to the report and who does not.

  3. Please toggle the access for your individual team members here.

Company Plans: Depending on their user permission, a colleague can either view or edit the Reports so please take that into account when managing who has access. Mention Admins and Team Users will have editing access to the Reports in their Reports tab. On the other hand, Mention Guests will have view-only access.

Pro and ProPlus Plans: All reports will be view-only. You cannot edit reports with these subscriptions. The option to edit content is only available in the Company Plan.

Creating a Public Link

A public link is a great way to share your reports to colleagues within or outside of Mention's platform. With the link provided, anyone can open the report directly in their web browser without needing to login to Mention!

The option to create a public link will appear below Report Sharing in the pop-up window. From here, Mention will create a link that you can copy and share to everyone. If you do not want to continue using the link, you can de-activate it as well!

Deactivating your Public Link will not allow you to open the report in a browser! You will need to re-create the Public Link again to continue viewing content offline.

If you are viewing a public link but do not have a Mention account, some data will be limited. You may notice that clicking on some graphs will not show specific mentions. This is due to the fact that you are not officially connected to Mention's data servers.

Scheduled Reports

You can schedule your reports to send out via email to your colleagues for specific timeframes as well. This is a great way to review your data in an organized manner individually or with others. Once a scheduled report is configured, Mention will send out a downloadable copy of your report to your email list.

You can add any email address to your mailing list. They do not have to be Mention users.

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