The aim of Publish is to help marketing teams in organizing communications on their official social profiles.

Having a clear social posts planning and keeping your feeds updated with interesting content will help you growing your communities and improving their engagement.

Publish's main screen is your weekly planning, from where you can see all your past and upcoming social posts:

While composing a new post, get the closest preview of your post when it will stand in your community's feeds:

Publish is also available in our mobile applications (Android & iOS), allowing you to follow your planning and be reminded when a post will be posted.

Publish's benefits for you and your team:

Plan in advance the content you share and make sure to not forget to talk about important topics for your company.
Plan the launch of your new products.
Let your team know what will be the next communications on your official Social channels.
Collaborate on the elaboration of an editorial calendar.


Monitor what is being said about your brand, industry or topics you are interested in.
Share the articles you find on your official social channels to keep your audience interested in your feeds.
Analyze the performance of your social profiles with our Social Analytics reports.

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