If you would like to customize your Mention profile, you can do so by going to My Account. To find this section, please go to the bottom left corner of your Mention platform and click on your profile image icon. From there, the Settings tab will appear and you will automatically be brought to the Account page.

There, you will be given the options to edit the information on your Mention profile. This page is split into My Profile, Password Management, and Account Disablement.

★ My Profile

In this area, you have three sections that pertain to your profile as well as contact information. The first section will let you change your Mention profile image and toggle the dark mode option for your page. The second section pertains to your contact information such as your name, email address, phone number, language and timezone. The third section allows you to change the information about your company such as the name and size of your team.

The email address and phone number on this page will be used for your Daily Mention emails as well as Spike notifications. Please make sure this information is updated if you would like Mention updates about your profile.

If you plan on subscribing to a paid Mention Account, please make sure the information on this page is accurate. It will be used for invoice purposes.

★ Password Management

The Password section of this page allows you to manage the security of your profile.

You can update your password at any time on this page. For added security, you can also enable a two-factor authentication which will allow you to add a recovery phone number or email to your Account!

★ Account Disablement

If you decide that you do not want to keep your Mention Account and would like to remove all of your profile information and data, you have the option of deleting your Mention account. This is a permanent process that will remove your account from the Mention systems. This includes your personal information as well as all of the data collected in your alerts.

❗️However, this action won't end your subscription.

If you want to cancel your subscription with Mention, please follow the steps detailed in this article.

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