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The first part on the Report creation option is focused on data from the Mention feed. To create these Reports, you can head over to the Analytics tab and click on the first icon. From there, please click on create a report at the top of your page.

The different kind of Reports that you can create are:

★ Listening Report

Once you dive into the Reports menu you will see the Listening Report. This Report creates a predefined template with graphics that will give you a full vision on one of your Alerts, it will display automatically all the information you need.

To create this Report, you have to click on Listening Report in the Reports list. Then you need to follow these steps:

1. Choose a Report name.

2. Choose 1 Alert for your dashboard.

3. Choose a time period that aligns with the data in your Mention feed.

4. Create the Report.

In the Listening Report you will get statistics on the essential KPIs you may need, including: Volume, Sources, Locations, Languages, Sentiment, Influencers, Reach, Hours/Days and Topics.

★ Comparative Report

The Comparative Report enables you to compare up to 10 alerts using the same layout as the Listening Report. You will be able to compare the KPIs of your competitors mentions with your own brand. This will help you understand your competitors strategy, positioning, and take an overview on your own strategy with the strengths and points to improve.

Once you have selected the Comparative Report, you will have to:

1. Choose a Report name.

2. Choose the 2 or more alerts to monitor.

3. Choose a time period that aligns with the data in your Mention feed.

4. Create the Report.

Once you create your report, you will automatically have an overview of your brand and your competitors next to each other in every KPI graphic.

★ Mentions List Report

The Mention List Report is only included for the Company plan, and it is an automatic list of all of your mentions for one or multiple alerts!

This report can help you to have an overview of all the mentions you have received within a specific time frame. You can use this list to create a press release, content for your marketing team, crisis analysis, or view your mentions in a quick manner via scheduled reports.

1. Choose a Report name.

2. Choose an alert or multiple alerts to monitor.

3. Choose a time period.

4. Create the Report.

This is the Mentions List Report Overview:

On the side of the mentions you will see the Reach and the Influencer score if available.

★ Build your own

The Custom Report, will allow you to decide which graphics are you the most interested in adding in your Report. It ensures you to create a customized Report from scratch, allowing you to save time reading and analysing the data you find the most relevant.

Please follow these steps to create your best customized Report:

1. Choose a name.

2. Add a description (optional).

3. Click on Create Report.

4. Choose one or more Alerts that you want to analyze.

5. Choose the segmentation or the KPI you want to analyze, such as Volume, Source, Language, etc.

6. Choose the display that you want for your data.

You can add as many modules as you need to create the perfect customized Report!

If you need to create a Social Media Analytics Report, you will find more information in this article: Social Account Report.

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