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Learn about the metrics that Mention fetches
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Mention provides a variety of metrics for your Analytics. These metrics are based on the mentions from your alerts. Every mention that is fetched will provide data that is sent to your Dashboards, Insights Center, and Reports.

You can utilize these metrics to make informed decisions around your social strategy. In this article, we will provide the list of metrics that you can measure within your Mention Account:

★ Volume

The Volume metric will measure the quantity of mentions received in your alerts over a period of time. You also have the option of comparing volume to a previous period as well.

The volume metric will allow you to track the performance of your alerts with regards to number of mentions fetched.

★ Source

The Source metric will categorize your mentions by the structure of the website. Mention will inform you if a source came form a social media site or web site. Source enables you to see how your mentions are distributed among the various channels so that you can easily understand where you are being mentioned.

★ Language

Mention will automatically detect the language of online publications that are brought into your Feed. Within your account, you can view the quantity of mentions for a specific language.

This metric will be beneficial to you if you are conducting monitoring on an international level.

★ Country

The country will be automatically detected as well! Mention has strict parameters set in place to determine the origin country of a post. You can use the Country metric to view the quantity of mentions from specific areas of the world.

Please note that a percentage of mentions will be identified as unclassified mentions. This is due to the fact that some websites will have privacy restrictions in place that prevents Mention from determining the country.

★ Days of Activity
★ Time of Activity

These metrics will organize your mentions by specific days and time periods.

For the Days of Activity metric, you will see the volume of mentions divided by Monday through Sunday segmentations. Please use this metric to view which days showed a higher influx of mentions.

For the Time of Activity metric, your mentions will be categorized by date and time period. We will provide graphs that show when mention were brought into your account. The visualizations will be organized in 6 hour increments for each day.

★ Sentiment

Every mention that is fetched into your account will be analyzed by Mention's Sentiment analysis. Mention will review the text of web postings or social media posts and determine if the publication is positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

This metric lets you easily identify your promoters and detractors and mange your conversations accordingly!

★ Reach

Reach provides you the estimated amount of users that could have seen the publication. Mention displays the Reach for Twitter, Facebook public pages, Forums, Blogs, News, Web, TikTok, Pinterest. and YouTube mentions.

★ Influence

The Influencer score is Mention's scoring system for mentions of high importance from influential sources. The score primarily identifies the popularity of a websites or social account. The metric is available for Twitter, Facebook public pages, Forums, Blogs, News and Web mentions.

★ Topics

The Topics metric will identify the most recurring words that appear in your alerts. You can choose to display them as a Word Cloud, Tree Map, or a List of Topics.

This metric will allow you to pinpoint the trajectory of conversations in your alerts.

★ Tags

If you have created tags in your alerts, you can utilize the Tag metric to view the number of tag folders created as well as the number of mentions within each tag folder. This metric will help you analyze all of your tags for an alert in one area instead of having to switch between each tag folder in your alert inbox.

Please note that the Tag metric will be empty if no tags are created in your alert.

★ Mentions List

The Mentions List will provide a qualitative list of mentions from your alerts. This segmentation allows you to view previews of your mentions.

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