Mention provides you with various Key Performance Indicators. Some can be checked directly from the Feed, but you can see them all on the Reports section or the Insight Center.

Please find below the list of everything that you can measure in the Mention platform:

β˜… Volume

The volume will help you understand the amount of the mentions you received, the peaks and the lows. You have the possibility to compare the volume to the previous period.

β˜… Source

Sources will be detected automatically by the platform depending on the structure of the source website. It enables you to see how your mentions are distributed among the various channels so that you can easily understand where you are being mentioned.

πŸ‘‰ Get more information about the Mention Sources here.

β˜… Language

The language will be automatically detected by the platform according to words recognition on the publication.

β˜… Country

The country will be automatically detected too, according to various elements, like IP address or location data provided by the Source.

However, for some Sources, we don't have access to the location data, in order to respect privacy policies of our providers. It is the case for Instagram, Facebook, some YouTube and some Twitter profiles. In these cases, you will probably see a little banner related to unclassified mentions.

β˜… Days and Time of Activity

These modules will show you the days and hours when you get the most conversations.

β˜… Sentiment

The Sentiment analysis is a way to understand better all the mentions that you get. Mention classifies the publications collected with a positive, neutral or negative sentiment. It lets you easily identify your promotors and detractors and manage your conversations accordingly.

πŸ‘‰ All that you need to know about the Sentiment analysis is here.

β˜… Reach

The Reach can provide you an indication about the estimated amount of users that could have seen the publication. Mention displays the Reach for Twitter, Facebook public pages, Forums, Blogs, News and Web mentions.

πŸ‘‰ Understand better the mentions' Reach.

β˜… Influence

The Influencer score is Mention's scoring system to identify which mentions are of higher importance. It is also available for Twitter, Facebook public pages, Forums, Blogs, News and Web mentions.

πŸ‘‰ More details about the Influencer score.

β˜… Topics

The platform will show you the most recurring words from your conversations. You can choose between three different displays: Cloud words, Tree maps or lists.

β˜… Tags

You can also use the tags that you have previously created for your Alert. It will help you better analyze your trends.

β˜… Mentions List

The Mentions List will provide a qualitative list of mentions from your alerts. This segmentation allows you to view previews of your mentions.

πŸ‘‰ More information on the Mentions List in Data Reports

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